Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Best of 2006

Oh someone emailed me this piece of info. And I can't help myself but share it to you guys!








And THE Winner:

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Dare u to MOVE (wait for the songs..)

AFter the Jitters (click here 4 more info) yesterday, you may be wondering what happened to my interview earlier this morning.

Well, I sucked! I hate myself for being so not prepared at all and stressed myself all night to the possibility of not going to get the job. Well what do you know. I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE that I failed again. There's still a tingling hope in my puny heart that there would be miracle.

I've been praying for this company to have a vacant position and would entertain me.. and so it happened and I DIDN'T GAVE MY BEST! WHAT A LOSER!!!

I forgot to mention what I do best... my passion... I know that I'm purrrfectly fit for that position. But I got.. well I'm a wuss during the interview!!!

I know if it's for you, it's for you {cliche!!!}

"Dare you to MoVE" - after hearing this songs just now, it makes me realize that I shouldn't take for granted everything that God gave me. He actually answered my prayer.. But then I focused more on the failure that might come to me. I need to do something. I've got to move.. (I just love the switchfoot... well my feelings right now is more appropriate with this song "This is your Life")

Monday, 27 August 2007

BSN Board Exam Results

Yesterday we went to Rose's place and there she was excitedly saying to us that her sister Mary-Ann passed the Nursing Board Exam.

Wow! I wonder if my batchmates also passed. I haven't have the patience to check all the names of those who passed because they're so many of them and I can't remember all who took up nursing..

Ms (SMB) Sheena Marie B. Perez :)
Pog! {uy galing!! nurse ka na pog!}
Jana C.
Rachel Pinacate
Kathy Yap
Camille Delmendo
and to everyone else I forgot to mention :)
CHeeRs to all of u GUYS!!
June 2007 Nursing Board Passers
Passers A-D
Passers E-O
Passers P-Z
For more details visit :

Friday, 24 August 2007


For the past few weeks, I've been having a hard time to sleep. My mind is so active! It's so had for me to control my mind as it continues to drift into vast ideas and imagination... stretching all the muscles in my head. wahh! Good thing SHEEPS saves the day! whew! This always work out for me. I count and keep my mind to focus on those sheeps that jumps to the fence. Though to be honest it's hard to keep the picture still. As if my brain is alive or better yet its as if its a TV that continues to switch different channels.

To All Sheeps in the world!!! THANK YOU!!!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Birthday ShoutOut!!

Happy 21st birthday Jenalyn Hernandez!!
wishing u all the best! wav u my friend

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Bloggers Unite!!

On September 27th, join 1,000s of bloggers around the world in BlogCatalog's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge.

For more info on how to particpate please visit this link:

Use this bloggers unite logo to spread the news (logos made by: )

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Theory How Harry Lived!

I bumped into this site @
It talks about the part wherein I'm confused.. no not confused, left hanging over the HP series. That's maybe one of the reason why I'm experiencing the HP syndrome.

-How Harry was able to survive from the Killing Curse (Chapter: Forest again from HP book 7)?
-What Lily actually did to protect Harry? Love? I think it's more than to it..

for detailed explanation visit this site

-To add up: Harry's a Horcrux right? In order to undo/stop/kill/end/destroy a Horcrux is to use the Basilisk tooth. Didn't the Basilisk at the 'Chambers of Secrets' bit(?) Harry? So that means the Horcrux in Harry was already destroyed, right??? or it has to be Voldemort to finish Harry?

oh just click the site..

JK intends to left us hanging in this topic..


Friday, 10 August 2007

Harry Potter Syndrome

August 10, 2007
I finished reading both book 6 & 7 just last week. And I can say that I'm beginning to be a harry potter addict. I've been rereading and watching all harry potter series.
Oh j.k. what have you done to me and the rest of HP readers??

(spoiler alert! dont take a look at this if you havent read the book. okeish?)

Things that's been bothering me after reading the series:
1.) I cant believe Fred died!! I loove the weasley twins.. especially their humor.. it wouldn't be the same without fred. (wahhhh!!)
2.) I don't like the part wherein Harry is somewhere like in a limbo or something (chapter:king's cross). Hey! they're on war!! Too much talking and discussion. It kills the momentum. Well, though the encounter with Dumbledore is a necessary thing.
3.) Well, i haven't reread this part - the duel of Harry and Voldemort. As what i remember Harry just used the "Expelliarmus" to Voldemort.. and i was like "that's it"??
4.) I'm still confused how come Draco got the power of the Elder Wand.
5.) Question: Harry didn't died because he had the Deathly Hallows at that time OR the Horcrux just died in him?
6.) Hermione & Ron finally kissed!!
7.) Lupin & Tonks died! Poor Teddy! - i once visited a site, an online chat with JK... So JK said in that chat that she first planned to kill Arthur Weasley instead of these two. Though what made her change her mind because there's only a few good father figure in the story. So it just bring justice to let Mr. Weasley alive. And for Tonks & Lupin's death, JK just want to illustrate the causes of war. That parents died, and children are left alone.

8.) I like the fact that Neville is the new leader of D.A. while Harry, Hermione, and Ron are away.
9.) Mrs. Weasley called Bellatrix Lestrange a BITCH!!! That's the way i like it. :)
10.) I always believe that Snape is really a good person. I can imagine his face when he was little, hanging around with Lily.
11.) Does Aberforth lived in Hogsmeade since Book 1?? (just curious)
I know there's going to be NEXT
Deathly Hallows wouldn't be the last.
But then I still love Goblet of Fire of all the HP series. :)

{my mom @ National Bookstore. haha!}


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