Saturday, 27 February 2010

What is Your Purpose?

Today I learned a lot and a wanna share to you what I do believe that God's answers to my questions.

Well, recently, these past few days (or maybe months na?), I have been asking for God's destination for me so I will know my direction. Human as we are, I want to know it instantly. I got impatient. When God gave me this new job, I have assumed in my heart that "this is it", His promise to me. But then I got confused because I was not feeling that this is really it. In a way, my ego got hurt because it's as if i got demoted since it is starting from the basics. Then I asked God, why? I don't understand. What then really is my purpose? Did I made the right choice? Or have I failed you again? Then, anxiety attacked me. I got worried, even on those littlest things, which is crazy! And when you are worried, that means YOU lack FAITH, right? I continually sought Him during my quiet times, and He shared to me the story of Joseph. Joseph undergo from being beloved to slave, from favored employee to prisoner. But then, in God's perfect timing, He made Joseph 2nd in Pharaoh throughout Egypt. And all the trials, hardships he undergo ALL made sense. Not only that he was able to save his family and all God's people from the extreme famine.

These are the questions/lines that got me:
  • How long are you willing to wait until you receive what God has promised?
  • He developed Joseph's character to a point where he could be entrusted with the fate of his country and the surrounding nations as well.
  • Allow Him to prepare you & teach you (so you'll have an impact on society & will make a difference in his kingdom. This may mean RESISTING shortcuts & spending some time in the trenches, but the result will be a walk with God that will sustain you through the toughest circumstances.
  • Be patient and allow him to develop your character.
  • Dont assumed that God has abandoned you.
And I think this was His message to me through different people whom I encountered today:
  • You were born for His purpose (job12:10)
  • You didn't create yourself to know what you are created for.
  • Life is about allowing God to use you for His purpose (to make use more of yourself)
  • Life's purpose is not necessarily equivalent to SUCCESS
2 Ways in knowing your Purpose:
1.) U can speculate (which is mas mahirap ata?)
2.) Having a personal relationship with God (the creator) - 1Cor 2:7
-You discover through a relationship with Christ
3.) By Revelation - Ephesians 1:11
-it's really a matter of discovery
-God is thinking of you, long long time before you...

ANd just like what my friend told me, in knowing oneself, it is indeed a JOURNEY.

Friday, 19 February 2010


Im looking at all my tagged pictures at facebook. And i cant help but feel overwhelmed by it. Truly God gave me a lot of very good, treasured friends. I miss them. I miss hanging out with them. Laugh, talk, everything is so precious to my heart. With this, I feel so loved by my God. I know i let down some of those friends i value most. But I know God will make a way for me to prove to them how much they mean to me.

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