Thursday, 31 January 2008

Project Runway Episode 8, Season 4

In this episode it's a team effort. And you know what happens if two designers worked together.. A clash of misunderstanding is always there. But these two pairs obviously jived and made wonderful designs.

Christian and Chris won this round. 2nd place: the last minute team - Victorya and Jillian. And Kit was voted out for this challenge. (awww!)

The challenge: To create an Avant-Garde designs inspired by their Model's haristyle. Plus, a second garment - a ready to wear that translate or expresses their avant-garde design.

Design by Christian and Chris
Modeled by Marcia and Lisa

Design by Victorya and Jillian
Modeled by Jacqueline and Lauren

I loved the couture that Victorya and Jillian made! I can't find photos to show you the 3 clothes they made. It's just adorable!!

To know more about this season of Project Runway Log on to

*All the pictures are from*

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Still a Fresh Grad? - a yr after grad

It's almost a year now since me and my batchmates graduated.. And I know for sure that every one is asking himself/ herself
"It's almost a year now and I'm still like this?"
"Why am I still lost?"
"Am I this useless?"
"Am I in the right path towards my dream?"
"Is this what I wanted?"

etcetera etcetera etcetera

Well I don't have the answers. I worry more than you do, believe me.

But this I want to share.

I'm one of the lost peeps, and didn't land in a job that could stop me whining. But the good thing is I'm blessed with a job that I could start with. (I waited for this for 10 months!)

Anywho, I have a friend who in my opinion is more confused than I am. She's still looking for a job. And since I know what she's going through right now and I'm blessed (again) with opportunities given to me side by side, I helped her.

I refered her to this cool multinational company (which I regret not entertaining)... we talked through SMS and I couldn't forget what she said..
it touched my heart... and soul
(it goes like this)

"Thanks ha, binigyan mo ako ng hope"
With this it strucked in my mind that maybe I'm bombarded with different job opportunities, even I already said yes to this 10-hr work, not to job-hopping or be in doubt but rather to actually share my blessings to people around me.

For once, I felt good and I know that I did the right thing. Amen to that! :)

Thanks Jesus for this realization :)

Friday, 25 January 2008

Project Runway Episode 4 of Season 4

I know I'm so so late already. It's my 1st week of being a bum (btw I just resigned from my work...)

So I'm kinda having the time of my life. Watching Project Runway Season 4 inspires me to push my creativity... and I really really want to wear those clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to be a fashion designer.. errr.. nah! Haller! As if I have the skills! I rather want to be the one wearing those adorable clothes.

My Gawd! Am I exaggerating? (I guess so) I just wish Victoria was the one cut off of this episode.

These pictures on the left side are the ones I really really like.

Where do you think I can buy those? 168? hahahaha

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

NEWS: Heath Ledger Dead!

Who doesn't love "10 Things I Hate About You"?

We fall in love with this guy and now he's dead??


  • They found him dead, naked in bed, in his apartment at manhanttan (Tuesday)
  • Nearby there's a prescription sleeping pills.
  • No indication of suicide
  • There's no final statement released about his cause of death

Days before his Death

  • Ledger told The New York Times in a November interview that he "stressed out a little too much" during the Dylan film, and had trouble sleeping while portraying the Joker, whom he called a "psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy."
    "Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night," Ledger told the newspaper. "I couldn't stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going." He said he took two Ambien pills, which only worked for an hour, the paper said.(

HIS MOVIES (just a few)
  • The Dark Knight: Jack Nicholson's JOKER (upcoming this summer)
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • The Patriot (he played as Mel Gibson's son)
  • A Knight's Tale
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
They say that Heath is very choosy in accepting movie offers. He does not jumps on projects all for the sake of money. A very down to earth, talented young actor. He passed away at the age of 28. He could have been...

Anyway, we love you Heath and we pray that justice will prevail..

In memory of Heath:

10 Things... video

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Maroon 5 is coming to TOWN!!

(i'll update this)

U heard it right! Maroon 5 will be having its concert here in Manila. Live at the Araneta Coliseum. March 5. Wednesday, 8pm! So mark that date. okay? see youu there!!

check this site

Don't know Maroon 5? check this site instead

Jobs that Pays WELL

Thinking of shifting careers and getting out from your current company?
You better CHECK this OUT!

Saw this at the Yahoo jobs -->

Here's the article:

Eight Top Fields with Major Job Growth
Sonya Carmichael Jones,

The Big Opportunities
Some of the brightest futures are available in eight of the fastest growth industries and the top occupations that occur within them, as projected by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Industry: Home Health Care Services
Occupations: Registered nurses, health aids, nursing and physical therapists.Where the jobs are: Private agencies, residential care facilities, family services, private households.

2. Industry: Software Publishers
Occupations: Developers, system administrators, project manager, analysts.Where the jobs are: Telecommunication companies, banks, hospitals, major retailers,transportation and freight companies.

3. Industry: Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting
Occupations: Sales, marketing, financial services, software engineers, program managers.Where the jobs are: Bio-tech firms, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, call centers.

4. Industry: Residential Care
Occupations: Nursing assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants,private nurses.Where the jobs are: Private hospitals, private agencies, outpatient care centers.

5. Industry: Facilities Support Services
Occupations: Property managers, building coordinators, administrative personnel.Where the jobs are: Asset management companies, government, commercial developers, real- estate firms, hotels, universities, hospitals.

6. Industry: Employment Services
Occupations: Recruiters, human resource managers, benefits administrators.Where the jobs are: Placement firms, professional employer organizations, major corporations, hospitals, universities.

7. Industry: Independent Artists, Writers and Performers
Occupations: Graphic design, photography, copywriting, website design, musical performers, dancers, actors.Where the jobs are: Restaurants, night clubs, casinos, newspapers, advertising agencies, theaters, television stations, cable networks, private agents.

8. Industry: Office Administration
Occupations: Office manager, administrative assistants, paralegals, legal assistants.Where the jobs are: Financial institutions, government, law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations.

Get Started
If you're ready to snag your piece of the pie, here's a simple, effective strategy to get you started.
  1. Become familiar with what industries are expanding, and identify where the jobs are.
  2. Get to know what jobs fall within the major industries.
  3. Determine the skills and accomplishments you have or need to meet the requirements and showcase them on your resume. If you're not confident about your skills then consider taking a course, volunteering, or pursuing an internship to enhance your skills. It's also a good idea to look for mentors -- they can become your biggest ambassadors when you need an outstanding reference.
  4. Locate and research companies that you want to work for, and then network to make the right connections.
  5. Keep a positive attitude and be ready to jump in and work with all the skills and energy you've got.
  6. Explore education and career development opportunities.

Me and MY 2008!

After how many hours after the new year's eve, I WAS SO PISSED OFF with MY FRIEND for being sooooo... Hard-headed. Long story.. And I can't help but think of the idea that this negative force would continue to fill up my 2008. It's not true, right?

Its the 2nd day of 2008, and I really really dont want to go to work tomorrow!!! HELP!! I really want to start my 2008 with a new life. New company, new job... lol! Really, but I dont even know now what I'm destined for or what I want to do. I'm not even sure if what I want is what I really really realllllyyy want. Guess, I'm doubting myself.

I just want to work in a stable, multi-national company (marketing post)... and maybe there I could start my life.. Well the hell!!!!

March is fast approaching. I can't believe it's already a year since I was a student who has a direction. But right now, I dont even know if I have one. It's already been a year, and where am i now???

I'm totally LOST.

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