Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Still a Fresh Grad? - a yr after grad

It's almost a year now since me and my batchmates graduated.. And I know for sure that every one is asking himself/ herself
"It's almost a year now and I'm still like this?"
"Why am I still lost?"
"Am I this useless?"
"Am I in the right path towards my dream?"
"Is this what I wanted?"

etcetera etcetera etcetera

Well I don't have the answers. I worry more than you do, believe me.

But this I want to share.

I'm one of the lost peeps, and didn't land in a job that could stop me whining. But the good thing is I'm blessed with a job that I could start with. (I waited for this for 10 months!)

Anywho, I have a friend who in my opinion is more confused than I am. She's still looking for a job. And since I know what she's going through right now and I'm blessed (again) with opportunities given to me side by side, I helped her.

I refered her to this cool multinational company (which I regret not entertaining)... we talked through SMS and I couldn't forget what she said..
it touched my heart... and soul
(it goes like this)

"Thanks ha, binigyan mo ako ng hope"
With this it strucked in my mind that maybe I'm bombarded with different job opportunities, even I already said yes to this 10-hr work, not to job-hopping or be in doubt but rather to actually share my blessings to people around me.

For once, I felt good and I know that I did the right thing. Amen to that! :)

Thanks Jesus for this realization :)

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