Monday, 3 September 2007

Coincidence or God's Will?

Okay I just got back from my interview and I'm having uhh.. what I called "post-interview-syndrome", where I get tarantated and I evaluate what I did and and try to ask everybody's opinion about my endless questions.

In d internet it says Mktg Asst. but when I went there it's for Junior Bus. Dev't Exec (more on accounts). oooohh accounts! I told myself before that I want to be in Accounts, though the thought of I'll be in SALES! Come on! {i dont like d word sales}

I think exposure is okay since clients are ad agencies and other media companies. I get to meet officers or the "bossing" of target companies-slash-clients. Well, I guess its a good start to build networks in this kind of industry. And also it's a good training ground, though the location of this company and the office building... I dunno... am I being reasonable? I'm judging the company by the way the building and office looks? And oh, field work... no tsekot. Pano yun client presentation MRT? And scary talaga yung area. Oh it's in kapitolyo pala. Residential siya.

Why do I always feel that I did good in a Sales position interview? Why didn't I have this kind of mindset when I was interviewed by companies I'm dying to be part with (those posts are not related in sales) ? {I was pessimistic before}

Is it because God wants me to have a career in sales? Or is it mere coincidence? How will I know if it's God's will?


quincy john said...

I guess shaula you need practical discernment there.

ask God. James 1:5

I'm also confused actually kung san ako mag ssettle. In research or as office clerk or teaching..

m still praying for it.

quincy john said...

Charge it to experience then.

shaula0pink said...

oh nasa ecclisiastes plang ako. (tama ba spelling? haha)

Well i'm having difficulty understanding God's plan for me. Or maybe i just make things complicated?

perfect for my blog title, right? hehe..

quincy john said...

Ecclesiastes is the right spelling..hehe natawa ako sa're true to yourself.

o nga. have you looked at it on a bigger picture? baka nga talaga yur just making it complicated.

siguro,all i can say shaula is, give it a try. if you're not enjoying with the job and the setting, leave. hehe

quincy john said...

btw, mas maganda yung pic mo sa "my blog log" shaula..hehe

parang problematic ka sa profile pic mow. ;)

btw, ganda mo.

shaula0pink said...


uhm siguro nga. Though kasi ang hirap din palagi nalang ganon. I had a job na before pero 1 week lang ako nagtagal. This time around I want it to be for good na sana..
siguro bahala na. Kung ano nalang siguro ibigay sa'kin..

And a call center job is very tempting...

Thanks for the complment. If u got a multiply account u can add me. its :)

quincy john said...

friendster lang sakin shuala..can't find multiply suiting to my akong personal cam i can't feel it up with good pictures. hehe (m i making sense?)

sige, try mo na muna yan..give your best shot.

if your best wasn't enough? give in to temptation. call center ka.

sheena said...

ei shao! hay..mahirap talagang malaman if it's God's will. mahirap yung isip ka ng isip.pero siguro maganda na din itry mo.

before you apply in a call center, make sure, you really want that, or kahit sure ka lang na up to 3 months ka maglalast. mahirap yung ibebenta mo sarili mo tapos pagmatatanggap ka na, bigla kang cold feet. =)

sheena said... know my friend =)

hay ang hirap talaga pag di ka 100% sure sa gusto mo. it gets more confusing... @__@

call center ang companyA...dyan sa makati. tingin ko papasa ka din dun =)

goodluck shao. i know mahahanap mo din ang para sayo =)

shaula0pink said...

hi shen! Good thing is I really what I want, though mahirap tlga syang makuha since tayo ay nasa pinas! (naman)
Pero shen I thing I learned, imbis I'll waste my time kakaisip.. I think it's better just to praise God and glorify him.. den from there He'll give to us our heart's desire.
minsan kasi nakakalimutan ko tong concept na to, and I somehow find myself demanding the Lord to give it to me. (aray!)

hehe may intrview ulit ako 2m for the nth time! gudluck! sana ito na to.

gudluck din sayo shen! :)

shaula0pink said...

To quincy.. ah i see. tamad kasi ako sa friendster.. before blogging came to my life, i was a multiply addict.. hehe :)

quincy john said...

ganun ba.
shaula, just want to remind you to consider call center deeply muna before you get the job.
i mean, ang effects ng nature of job sa call center xe ang dami..m sure alam mo yan..

pero m not discouraging you..just want you to be ready in case you have decided.

claire said...

i think, quincy is right.. you can at least try and give it your best shot.. for sure, God will always be there for you to guide you and to let you see which one is really for you.. :)

shaula0pink said...

Claire and to Quincy thanks for the advice and the encouragement.. nakakatouch.. *tear*tear*

I think I'll try call center nalang pag mga november na.. hehe yung tipong malapit n xmas. High salary lang naman habol ko sa call center..

But i do hope i'll have a job na before nov. comes..

Pero there was a time na sumagi sa isip ko na maging mommy nalang kaya ako? haha! naku, mas mahirap ata un.. :)

claire said...

i work in a call center.. been here for 7 years now and it's very rewarding, i must say.. being a mom is a blessing too, but you have to be sure that you can "make both ends meet" becoz having a child will take up most of your time and energy.. but at the end of the day, when you see your kids smiling and kissing and hugging you (like what my kids do) you will feel relieved :)

shaula0pink said...

awww.. i don't think I'm ready to be a mommy.. I just love to have kids around.

oh really? I think I'll try to apply na talga sa call center..

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