Saturday, 15 September 2007

Bo's Words

The continuation of the Story :

Looking back at it right now, para bang natatawa na lang ako. (I looked like an idiot!) So this post won't be as intense as before.

I was walking my way to Greenbelt. I don't want to go home. I don't want my mom to see me like a cry baby. The last thing I want in this world, is for them to feel that I failed them. (drama, pero its true)

I walked straight to power books & grabbed some Bo Sanchez's books. (who the hell is this Bo Sanchez?) I heard my friends talked about him. (what is he a priest?). So I read on. It's funny di pala pari si Bo. He's the first Catholic preacher who's like... well he speaks in his books like a born again christian. This interests me.

To be honest Bo's words calms be down. I mean the emotions are still there, but I'm smiling na. I can't believe a guy like him still exists. Imagine, he's married at the age of 32 & he was a virgin for 32 yrs! (whoa!) He's wife is so damn lucky! I sat there at Power books for I think an hour or 2. If only I could sleep there & read all his works, but of course I can't. After finishing 1 book, I decided it's time to hit the road.

I went home with a different perspective (i guess). In a way it's different from the moment I walked down in that underpass. I'm confused. I somehow asked na di ako matanggap, then iiyak iyak ako ngayon. (weird! this part will be shared sa next na post ko).

I recommend everyone to read Bo's books! Manipis lang siya (so dont worry for those who aren't bookworms) But this I will tell that u could really relate to him. I mean in a way, he can reach out to u. I'm curious wherein he mentioned that there's 1 book where he shared his sexual addiction. (hmm.. di nga siya pari)

(oh this is not what I read. I just want u to see how he looks like )


claire said...

thanks for sharing info about Bo's books.. i've read a few na rin and he really is a great author.. he inspires a lot of people..

honga pala, thanks shaula dun sa msg mo sa blog ko.. it just so happened that something unexpected happened at my workplace and i was really surprised with the outcome.. kaya i got depressed.. but now, i'm moving forward na and i'm doing great lately.. thanks much for all your good words.. :)

shEn_tsEn said...

life always has a bitter flipside, but it's just never too late to toss the coin again =)

BB_ANNE said...

bo's my fave tlg eversince. share lng ako ng story.a friend of mine was carrying a heavy burden. I thought of giving her an inspirational book from Bo. I headed to the bookstore, then i found one.That time i've got several books with me. I didn't realize I stayed so long n pala sa bookstore, so i hurried to go home not noticing n dala ko pala ung book n d ko pa nababayaran.huhu. it's humiliating to go back to the bookstore to return it and so i gave it to my friend and told her the story behind the book.

shaula0pink said...

To Claire,it's good to hear u'r doing well na. Depression really sucks! but then when u'r over it.. it's a wonderful feeling.. that u actually able to move forward. hehe..

Bo's got a lot of books. But then maybe u can try checking his site. U can get inspirational emails from subscribing.. :)

shaula0pink said...

to bb_anne,

haha!Di na talga nabayaran yung book? I love to buy lots of books sana of Bo to give it to my friends and loved ones.. kaso ala pa money. haha!

hey thanks for sharing it :)

shaula0pink said...

hi shen. haha.. well said. I'm okay na naman. I mean blogging helped me din to get over things. though other people don't understand that blogging is like a personal journal. I'm free to post anything here.. I mean personal blogs didn't exist to create some issues.. waahh!

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