Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Blogging Is NOT for the WEAK

A personal blog is like a Journal, a Diary.. etc. It's more on dealing with your experiences, emotions, feelings.. yeah your EMOtional SIDE! When does doing it ever makes you WEAK, huh? It even feels great after you release your rage or anything like that. I don't supresss my emotions inside. Ayokong mag ka-heart attack noh. & I want my future kids to read this...

Hey this is my personal space! So I can write good and bad things here.

Yes ako'y galit sa sinabi mo. I mean who ever here jumps for joy when you call someone WEAK? Lam mo problema (I know ur gonna read this)... I mean, I just said helloo di ka pa nga nagsosorry tapos you bombarded me with my flaws?? Wow. galing! clap! clap! What a way to resolve things. I mean I can always approach u and patch things up.. but NO... I didn't. Why? Eh how will I know that you're sorry?

I mean EFFORT is the WORD! SO magagalit ka kung bakit ko pinost dito?kasi po, pansin mo ngyon ko lang pinost? kasi po nung wala naman akong sinusulat dito na "ganito" eh ano.. u asked the most famous question ---> ano bang gusto mong gawin ko?


And I never called you a weak or anything. Grabe... di ka nga nambubugbog, verbally abused naman ako. Do u want me to make u remember it?

tama na tama. Sorry if I need to this. Pero it's for u din. If we surpass this, then dba... tayo nga. I know naiisip mo rin yan.

1 comment:

ruther said...

I couldn't agree more..i once had the same dilemma before...

ay naku..mga tao nga naman

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