Thursday, 6 September 2007

The New Ipod Nano & Ipod Touch

Apple emailed me this :) And I wanna share it with u guys, especially those who are music lover like me :)
*I just used "printscreen" to post it here... my adobe suddenly experienced errors etc. {need to install a new one}

If you want guys visit the Apple store

New Ipod Nano

New Ipod Touch


sheena said...

shao, gayahin kita ah. malay mo magkafuture tayo sa blogging.haha!

the new ipod nano is so cute ^_~!

i went to motorola last friday and i checked some phones. they have their own version of the iphone..kaya lang na realize ako i'm not that into touch screen.ang hirap. ang lalaki ng darili ko. hehe!

bat nasira adobe mo? bili ka na lang ng new version. yung akin 7 pa din.

shaula0pink said...

y not? haha.. sign up ka muna sa mga tools..

perfect for me kasi maliit kamay ko.wahahahaha!!!! oh?meron pala moto? ok ba? may mura kaya sa apple? (cguro). Ay naku shen gusto o tlga nung ipod touch!! huhuhu

gano ko kaya katagal pagiipunan un, tapos gsto ko din bumili ng slr. wahhh!!!

people stop making new gadget! or wag naman masyadong mabilis ang pagdevelop.. hehe

dex said...

haha, oo nga pareho tayo post.
anyway, sept. 28 daw official release ng iPod touch. Sa 'pinas kaya, kailan? hehe. mag ipon na tayo ^_^

shaula0pink said...

oh wow! baka decemeber or next year pa dito (wild guess) hehe.. Mga how much kaya? nakupo.. sana meron na sa greenhills.hehe

Cory said...

naunahan mo ko. i was supposd to post something about the new ipod. just so you know, ipod touch sucks. onti na lang ang difference sa iphone price-wise. it has wi-fi but with limited capabilities. and wala naman masyadong diff aside na touch screen sya. ang payo ko lng dont waste ur money on it. :D i heart the new ipod nano colors though.

shaula0pink said...

hi cory!

oh really? my cuz advised me to go for nano nalang daw.

Thanks for your added info :)

shaula0pink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dyosa said...

i love apple products. :-)

i'm going to get the ipod itouch eventhough i already have the 2nd gen ipod nano. i know, i know. it looks like the iphone...but who cares? it still is amazing! the new nano is already available here in the philippines although we have to wait a bit for the itouch to be released. can't wait!

by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. drop by again. :-)

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