Friday, 24 August 2007


For the past few weeks, I've been having a hard time to sleep. My mind is so active! It's so had for me to control my mind as it continues to drift into vast ideas and imagination... stretching all the muscles in my head. wahh! Good thing SHEEPS saves the day! whew! This always work out for me. I count and keep my mind to focus on those sheeps that jumps to the fence. Though to be honest it's hard to keep the picture still. As if my brain is alive or better yet its as if its a TV that continues to switch different channels.

To All Sheeps in the world!!! THANK YOU!!!


sheena said...

really? sheeps never worked for me. i also have trouble sleepin. i usually sleep past midnight. but instead of counting sheeps, i read and read..usually archie comics. hehe!! ^_^

shaula0pink said...

hi shen! haay pareho tyo. epekto ba to ng pagbloblog? hehe.. pag magbabasa kasi ako super late na tuloy ako makakatulog kasi i want to finish the buk..

haay, ung sheep pa ng super pilit, coz i want to sleep early.. hehe

Quincy John said...

Hi shaula.
Well, I think it's partly an effect of blogging.
I once experienced it when I was yet starting to blog.
I started to think about my page, my new posts, new comments, the traffic and whatever all the time that it really disturbed my sleep.
But good thing, later I overcame it.
I don't what to advice but there was one thing I did for me to doze off.
Of all the passing scenes in my mind, I focused on one scene and stuck my mind into it..Just about few minutes, I'm drooling.. ha3 (j/k)

shaula0pink said...

Hi Quicy John!

It's good to know that Shen & Punky weren't the only one to be reading my blog. Really I appreciate that you gave ur insights.

Well, yeah I think so to.. that maybe it's the effect of blogging. When I'm about to sleep, it's the time where I could think so many things to post in here.

Now, before I sleep I'll try to do ur suggestion. I hope I could keep one single scenario to make drool (hey that sounds green. well its not) haha..

Thanks again!

Quincy John said...

I got your URL from PBS group mailing list meaning I just discovered your blog.

You can try. It was effective for me.

Your welcome btw.

Quincy John said...

and hey, I forgot.. thank you so much for the prayers.

i hope you'll really include me there.

arnie said...

i have experienced that too.. not just once, but, many times..
anyway, try to drink milk before you can induce sleep. or try to read books before you sleep (boring books are more effective). counting sheep doesn't work with me anymore..hehe.
another thing (i almost forgot), try not to sleep on day time and lessen your caffeine intake.;)

shaula0pink said...

Hi arnie!

Thanks for reminding me the milk. I totally forgot that one.

It seems to me that a lot if people are experiencing the same..
I wonder why.. hmm..

shaula0pink said...

hey quincy, of course i prayed for u. I'm true to my words :)

claire said...

oh.. i'm like sheena! when i read a book, that's when my eyes start getting heavy.. i wonder why reading a book easily puts me to sleep.. or maybe because i've always been "puyat" ever since i gave birth to my kids..

hope you'll get to have enough sleep this weekend :)

arnie said...

It seems to me that a lot if people are experiencing the same..
I wonder why.. hmm..

* Well, mine was because of the anxiety brought by waiting and waiting for the result of the board exam. Now, finally, it ended.:)

Quincy John said...

shaula, thanks again for praying. well, m done with the board and I really got headache after. ha3

shaula0pink said...

to claire

haha.. being with kids can be tiring but fun at the same time..

From what I remember, reading daw can relax you.. plus if ur reading a boring one that could really puts us to sleep.. though I haven't experienced sleeping before midnyt! wahhh..

I think I'm thinking too much slash worrying too much that's why it's hard for me to doze off.

well thanks claire for the comment! :)

shaula0pink said...

To Arnie

* Well, mine was because of the anxiety brought by waiting and waiting for the result of the board exam. Now, finally, it ended.:)

Wow! congratz to u arnie!!! :)

shaula0pink said...

To Quincy

When release ng results ng board nyo? The waiting now starts... I hope you'd sleep well after the exam :)

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