Sunday, 12 August 2007

Theory How Harry Lived!

I bumped into this site @
It talks about the part wherein I'm confused.. no not confused, left hanging over the HP series. That's maybe one of the reason why I'm experiencing the HP syndrome.

-How Harry was able to survive from the Killing Curse (Chapter: Forest again from HP book 7)?
-What Lily actually did to protect Harry? Love? I think it's more than to it..

for detailed explanation visit this site

-To add up: Harry's a Horcrux right? In order to undo/stop/kill/end/destroy a Horcrux is to use the Basilisk tooth. Didn't the Basilisk at the 'Chambers of Secrets' bit(?) Harry? So that means the Horcrux in Harry was already destroyed, right??? or it has to be Voldemort to finish Harry?

oh just click the site..

JK intends to left us hanging in this topic..


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