Friday, 10 August 2007

Harry Potter Syndrome

August 10, 2007
I finished reading both book 6 & 7 just last week. And I can say that I'm beginning to be a harry potter addict. I've been rereading and watching all harry potter series.
Oh j.k. what have you done to me and the rest of HP readers??

(spoiler alert! dont take a look at this if you havent read the book. okeish?)

Things that's been bothering me after reading the series:
1.) I cant believe Fred died!! I loove the weasley twins.. especially their humor.. it wouldn't be the same without fred. (wahhhh!!)
2.) I don't like the part wherein Harry is somewhere like in a limbo or something (chapter:king's cross). Hey! they're on war!! Too much talking and discussion. It kills the momentum. Well, though the encounter with Dumbledore is a necessary thing.
3.) Well, i haven't reread this part - the duel of Harry and Voldemort. As what i remember Harry just used the "Expelliarmus" to Voldemort.. and i was like "that's it"??
4.) I'm still confused how come Draco got the power of the Elder Wand.
5.) Question: Harry didn't died because he had the Deathly Hallows at that time OR the Horcrux just died in him?
6.) Hermione & Ron finally kissed!!
7.) Lupin & Tonks died! Poor Teddy! - i once visited a site, an online chat with JK... So JK said in that chat that she first planned to kill Arthur Weasley instead of these two. Though what made her change her mind because there's only a few good father figure in the story. So it just bring justice to let Mr. Weasley alive. And for Tonks & Lupin's death, JK just want to illustrate the causes of war. That parents died, and children are left alone.

8.) I like the fact that Neville is the new leader of D.A. while Harry, Hermione, and Ron are away.
9.) Mrs. Weasley called Bellatrix Lestrange a BITCH!!! That's the way i like it. :)
10.) I always believe that Snape is really a good person. I can imagine his face when he was little, hanging around with Lily.
11.) Does Aberforth lived in Hogsmeade since Book 1?? (just curious)
I know there's going to be NEXT
Deathly Hallows wouldn't be the last.
But then I still love Goblet of Fire of all the HP series. :)

{my mom @ National Bookstore. haha!}



Anonymous said...

snape convert ako! na-sad tlga ako para kay snape. :(

shaula0pink said...

hi there anonymous!
yep ka-sad tlga yung nangyari kay snape.
And ang kulit harry named his son Albus Severus.. :)

kanino kaya ibbgay ni harry yung cloak?

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