Thursday, 20 September 2007

Kid's New Toy... Digicam!

One thing I noticed to kids nowadays is that they are really exposed to these gadgets (digicams, videocams, ipod etc). And it's like they see these as not a "techy gadget" (u know... expensive, classy, cool... handle it with extreme care! those things) and it's not a TOY!!!!Gad!!

One of my 5yrs old cousin is literally addict to these new found toys! 24 hrs mangungulit. "Ate picture... ate video... at sayaw ako... ate "

"hoy naku akin na yan!" well she grabbed my cam and took a picture of me. I was like wahhhhh!! ingatan mo yan!! (buti nalang ala pa akong SLR). Pero what I like about her is, she knows how to project!! (haha may dagdag na sa models ko).. Pero they got all tantrums if di nila nagamit ang "toy" nila. (talaga naman)

Well most of my kiddie cousins had their entire life documented. No wonder these kids are so exposed to techy stuff.

This is my cousin Xyline's photo when I told her to pose

Isn't she a cutie?

And this is Bj & cuz Aloissa

[Yeah! Be a tiger!rarr!]

& This is my cutie Xilca

[I can't feel u dear, emote! yeah!that's good]


palaboy said...

todo emote si Xilca lol!

Xyline has great potential to be the next Top mOdeL!

baka maibenta ko sa ebay yun pag naging top model nga sya... hehehehe

shEn_tsEn said...

your cousins are sooo cute! ^__^

shaula0pink said...

salamat sa mga papuri!
so proud of Xyline! haha! I just position her for a good lighting den told her to pose. at kahit ako nagulat... talga naman. pwede!

autograph? cge ba. haha. kaso sa bohol pa sya. so siguro next time. hahaha!

lotis said...

i like the way how the boy posed, perfect "stolen" effect

shaula0pink said...

haha thanks!

super stolen..

mArGa rEth said...

pose kung pose! hehe.. nice one!..

shaula0pink said...

syempre.. model material. haha. hey thanks for stopping by

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