Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I don't know what the title for this one

To end the Story... here it is.
It's more on about "the" job (eck). Well, I'm actually way over it right now. I hope this post won't be boring & way not interesting.

The Job: It's a training for a managerial position. (whoa!)

& I'm a fresh grad!! I mean, yeah I should be grateful because I was given an opportunity to prove myself that I could do the job. I mean they won't invite me if if... u know what I mean.

Uhm, after the exam & initial interview, I got myself reflecting all about it the whole day because the final interview will be 4pm pa. SO then I prayed & prayed. I somehow ask why do I always end up in a job in sales (the word really gives me jitters or a negative vibe/aura etc. I just don't like sales even if I'll get filthy rich in that field of work). Well, in the end I said to myself I'll just do my best... and let's see what will happen.

It's really really a great opportunity. I need to put myself together, be prepared & ace that final interview. (At least I thought I'll gonna do good).

So well, uhm, I think I sucked! Err.. She (the interviewer) never really like asks me. She did but like 1 or 2 questions. Well (it's humiliating! I mean sharing it to the world), uhm, she'll refer me nalang daw to the support unit ( I think it's the marketing unit but more on customer relations daw). Well, that solved the problem, coz I never really like working in sales. (she's good ha, she saw in me na yoko sa sales). But why do I feel I'm being rejected or why do i feel down & dumb?!

So this is where the part of running-towards-my-bf-for-comfort comes in.


shEn_tsEn said...

mabuti naman you're ok na shao ^__^
darating din ang time mo. you just wait. God has a plan for you.

di pa ako nagwowork, nagapply pa lang ako sa hospital.


nga pala..diba 2 yung job offers sayo last week? ano nangyari dun sa isa?

shaula0pink said...

ah ganon ba. mmm.. shushunga shunga kasi ako eh. I decline the other one kasi i thought that same week they'll call me (as what d mgr told me).pero voila ala pa din. so eun..

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