Friday, 25 January 2008

Project Runway Episode 4 of Season 4

I know I'm so so late already. It's my 1st week of being a bum (btw I just resigned from my work...)

So I'm kinda having the time of my life. Watching Project Runway Season 4 inspires me to push my creativity... and I really really want to wear those clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to be a fashion designer.. errr.. nah! Haller! As if I have the skills! I rather want to be the one wearing those adorable clothes.

My Gawd! Am I exaggerating? (I guess so) I just wish Victoria was the one cut off of this episode.

These pictures on the left side are the ones I really really like.

Where do you think I can buy those? 168? hahahaha


ghee said...

nice fashion :)

hi Shaula,

sure,lets exlinks,will link u up to my other blogs :)

creative mind



shaula0pink said...

Hi ghee! I already linked you. ( You can see it to the left side the page under the title "Blog-er Friends". I'll add your two blogs.. and will message you if I'm done with it. :)


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Let's Ex Links!
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