Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A Year after!

Happy New Year to Every individuals here in cyberspace!
With that I really want to look back and review what happened to my life in 2008.
So I'll be stating here significant moments that happened every month.
Mmm.. Let me start it on the Christmas eve before Jan of 2008.

Christmas Eve (2007)

Gad! Finally! After how many effing years, my bf finally got to stepped in our house legally! haha! (it's the 1st time I stutter when I talked to my mom bout it. talk about KABA!) Want to guess how long yang years na yan?

New Year 2008

It's the first time I host an inuman session and didn't drink! T'w
as horrible!!! Rose here was pretty drunk! big time!

January 2008

By January, I quit my job! January 18 to be exact. (Yes! Malaya na ako!!!) LOL! Go figure where I went next.

February 2008

3 things!
My lolo died. Jobless. And it's our 7th year anniversary.
Picture 1: I was happy here kasi I'm malaya again. But then, I was really down during this month. Confused, sad, lost, down, and poor. :(

March 2008


April 2008

I'm not the only bum na! yippee!! We're 4 na! hahaha! It's good to have some company. :)


We got a new member of the family. The twin arrived! Hope my parents will have longer patience for him. Baka ibalik sya. Wag naman sana. Oh we kinda adopted him. For its story click here.

May 2008

I enrolled in a Basic Photography! (1 down in my dream list)

June 2008 - MY birth month!

2 things:
1. I cut my hair really short! (like posh spice)
Well, yeah, we broke up!

2. I finally got a JOB!!!!

July 2008

I'm Adi's Ninang!!

August 2008

My cousin (guy) got married to her 14 yrs na gf!!!! (u heard it right!)

September 2008

Its our yearbook distribution. T'was fun coz it was kinda like a mini reunion for everyone!! It's my first time to go back to the school grounds since grad rites.

October 2008

Me and my friends went to Bolinao Pangasinan!!! After months of toxic life in work. I definitely deserve to have this awesome break!!

November 2008

I joined a retreat in tagaytay, organized by CCF Singles' Ministry. I had the time of my life. My prayers were answered, and everything got clearer to me. It's best time of my life! I realized how amazing our God is! From then on, my life was never been the same. :)

December 2008

Christmas parties everywhere.
I gained weight!!
My dad is here to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. So we're complete.
It's my 6th month in my job!!

Still Single and waiting for my God's Best.
I've got an awesome friends!!
I love my life.

I'll bet 2009 will be even better!
esp now that I gained new perspective in life.
Happy new year!!
mwah mwah!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Since its the holidays, I have the time that I long need to clean my messed up room. Sorry guys wasn't able to take a picture of the before and after scene of my room. haha!

During my "project room", I get to manage and fix all the pictures that I stored in a box (no time to do the whole put-the-pictures-in-the-album thingy). And look! haha! looks cute lang and I wanna share it :) It feels good to take a look again to those pictures. It brings you back to those good ol' days!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Six Ways to Make It Easier for You to Dump Someone

Got this from

Why didn't I read this before??

"I recently had the following conversation with a friend:
"Every time I break up with my boyfriend, he freaks out. He showed up outside my apartment last time."
"Well sounds like you just have to break up and get it over with."
"Yeah, but it's not a good situation every time I do it."
I stopped and thought for a second. "Not a good situation?" Isn't that kind of obvious? How can anyone expect a breakup to be a good situation at all?
Breaking up is a selfish act that can be a necessary evil in your dating life. But there are easier ways to do the whole process.

The first step is to adjust your mentality and recognize the situation:
  • You are not ruining someone's life; they will get over you some day.
  • “If you don't break up quickly and honestly, it's unfair to you and the other person.”
    If you don't break up quickly and honestly, it's unfair to you and the other person.
  • If you are even thinking about breaking up with someone, it's probably time to do it. Would you want to be with someone who was having second thoughts while you were madly in love with them?
  • It's going to be ugly and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
  • What's the best way to break up? There is probably no best way. But there are a number of tactics that can help make it easier for both parties (even though both parties may not recognize it at the time). Here are some good tactics to use for a "clean" break:

    1. Make It Fast
    The longer you take to get to the point (whether it's hours or days), the less they will take you seriously. And if you make it look like you're having a hard time going through with the breakup, they will think they can change your feelings or stick around in your life.

    2. Be Honest
    Don't sugarcoat the situation. If you're seeing someone else, tell them you're seeing someone else. My little sister broke up with a live-in boyfriend because she kissed another guy during a business trip. She told her boyfriend the deal -- it made it more concrete. Avoid cliche's like "I love you, I'm just not in love with you." Guys don't understand this stuff. If you've lost feelings for them, just say it. They can't argue with that. And avoid covering up -- "I just can't be in a relationship right now." Sure you can -- if you were still really into him, you'd be in a relationship with him.
    “Honesty will protect you in the long run, because the truth comes out eventually.”
    Honesty will protect you in the long run, because the truth comes out eventually.

    3. Don't Feel Sorry for Anyone
    People will beg, cry, get angry, or shower you with guilt. Just keep going, try to ward off your guilt. It's just going to slow you down and prevent you from getting to your objective. And never take someone back, or cancel breaking up because you feel sorry for them. Do you really want to stay with someone you feel sorry for?

    4. Set Post-Breakup Rules
    Let them know the deal: you won't be answering their calls or emails. You won't be accommodating them if they show up at your apartment. Eventually, if they have any personality and independence, they will stop bothering you -- but only if you stick to these rules. If you lay these rules out at the time of breakup, then they can't say: "why are you ignoring my calls?" Don't tell them what they are allowed to do -- they can call you all they want, but if you have stated you won't be answering their calls then you are well within your rights when you don't pick up.

    5. Stick With It
    The more you take them back, the less seriously they'll take your breakup attempts.

    6. Neutral Site
    Never do it at your place. You want to be able to leave on your own time. Neutral places are the easiest locations to make a quick getaway. The longer you've been together, the more likely it is that you'll be required to do it in person.
    Breaking up takes strength. I have found that people who can't break up with someone they are no longer into are somewhat weak. Do what you want to do, and don't get swayed by the situation or the other person.

    And me? sigh!
    I'm still in the limbo... :(

    Sunday, 7 December 2008

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