Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Since its the holidays, I have the time that I long need to clean my messed up room. Sorry guys wasn't able to take a picture of the before and after scene of my room. haha!

During my "project room", I get to manage and fix all the pictures that I stored in a box (no time to do the whole put-the-pictures-in-the-album thingy). And look! haha! looks cute lang and I wanna share it :) It feels good to take a look again to those pictures. It brings you back to those good ol' days!

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Let's Ex Links!

Let's Ex Links!
TO THOSE BLOGGERS WHO LOOVED TO X-LINKS WITH ME: Pls link me first then message me with your Blog Url. Right after I check your blog, I'll do the same... I'll add you to my "Blog-er Friends". Mind you that I always visit blogs that I linked. So please do the same. Thanks :) Have fun browsing :)