Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

I just watched it...
Maybe there isn't a song for me.
But there's definitely a MOVIE for ME!!!!!

Go watch! and you'll understand! (video below is not the whole movie...)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Bohol: Adventure at Dagohoy's Cave

On my way home here from Bohol, I've decided to feature "Bohol" here in my blog. I mean why not? I almost know all the do's and don'ts cause it my province. {my mom grew up there}. But it has to be well prepared. So it has to be on its draft status for now.

But this i want to share. I'm not an athlete because i have a brittle bone & body structure. But Im willing to stretch my bones & muscles to explore God's creations {an adventurer! bwahaha}.

2000ish, Dagohoy's Cave has been gradually developed. Dagohoy is one of the all-time heroes in the Philippines. He's known for his longest revolt against the spaniards & was never captured. Ever wonder why?? Because his headquarter is a half kilometer long CAVE!!!

<----this is the opening of the cave. see how small and dark? {scary} The mouth is located on the side-middle of the mountain.

We're HERE!! You see we weren't prepared, really, the outfit clearly explains! Look my Auntie was even wearing a "denim jacket"!!lol!


Here are some cool cave-pics : {for more pics click this link}

This what some of the grounds looked like. Cool huh? ----------------------------------->

WE actually


We now reached the end of the cave. You can actually swim here. The water is cold and fresh. It goes deeper... more than 10ft. i think.

*This is uber late post. We went there last June 26, 2007 - June 30, 2007. I never really have a time to finish this post. THough, well it's incomplete actually. But I decided to publish this coz a lot of my friends has been asking me about this. So well, to avoid being a default robot, might as well publish this even if it is incomplete.*


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Suri Cruise - the most sought after Baby!

She is much adorable compare to her parents.
Paparazzi loves to chase after her...
I am not a fan of TomKat, because she's a home wrecker.. (my opinion)
But Suri is something else!

Take a look of her pic here.
Seriously, she can act girlfriend!


some of her pics..
wait till she became a tween and she'll definitely rock your hearts!

Lovin' U All!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Endless Shrimps At Robbie's

It was my since-babyhood-friend's Graduation day. She is known as Punky or Punkikay. And to celebrate this momentous event, she invited us - her babyhood barkada- at her Graduation dinner at Robbie's (at the back of SMX Convention).

I was so glad that we are all complete. Sympre LIBRE! harharhar! But what is remarkable at that moment are the seemed-to-be-endless FOOODS! Sorry SEAFOODS!!! We're surrounded with foooooods... everywhere! Buttered shrimps, Tempura, Crabs, Baked Tahong... and the list goes on!! After finishing one plate, there comes a new one!! Hallelujah!!!! Kamayan na to!!!

Grabe Tito! You know how to feed our starving large and small intestines! Truly, they've learned what's the meaning of Gluttony and how to give up too much foods.

And also it was the first mega exposure of my new cut, my new hair dooo! haha!
Oh by the way, this happened last June 07. hahaha! Yeah yeah uber late post! But I want to save this moment and don't want this moment to vanish in my memory lane.

Okay enough chattering! Here's the PHOTOS!

*Baked Tahong and the "Kamayan" moments*

*My friend Blezie and the overwhelming number of plates*

*Some of the foods* *The Grad Girl and her Parents who knows by heart the word "celebration"*

*And the GANG who are so sexy and hunk despite their huge appetite!!*

Lovin' you all,

Monday, 4 August 2008

SIte Underconstruction

I just changed my URL from to
So just imagine how much work i need to do. all my links and all my group accounts should be changed.

patience is a virtue.

anybody knows how to put a signature photo every after my post???
any tip?

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