Friday, 22 August 2008

Bohol: Adventure at Dagohoy's Cave

On my way home here from Bohol, I've decided to feature "Bohol" here in my blog. I mean why not? I almost know all the do's and don'ts cause it my province. {my mom grew up there}. But it has to be well prepared. So it has to be on its draft status for now.

But this i want to share. I'm not an athlete because i have a brittle bone & body structure. But Im willing to stretch my bones & muscles to explore God's creations {an adventurer! bwahaha}.

2000ish, Dagohoy's Cave has been gradually developed. Dagohoy is one of the all-time heroes in the Philippines. He's known for his longest revolt against the spaniards & was never captured. Ever wonder why?? Because his headquarter is a half kilometer long CAVE!!!

<----this is the opening of the cave. see how small and dark? {scary} The mouth is located on the side-middle of the mountain.

We're HERE!! You see we weren't prepared, really, the outfit clearly explains! Look my Auntie was even wearing a "denim jacket"!!lol!


Here are some cool cave-pics : {for more pics click this link}

This what some of the grounds looked like. Cool huh? ----------------------------------->

WE actually


We now reached the end of the cave. You can actually swim here. The water is cold and fresh. It goes deeper... more than 10ft. i think.

*This is uber late post. We went there last June 26, 2007 - June 30, 2007. I never really have a time to finish this post. THough, well it's incomplete actually. But I decided to publish this coz a lot of my friends has been asking me about this. So well, to avoid being a default robot, might as well publish this even if it is incomplete.*



tutubi said...

nice. i would love to visit that someday besides the usual bohol sites

eli said...

aha..ang saya nman ng adventure mo!

"B" said...

@ tutubi - yes, this is one of the "virgin" places in bohol that you should experience. ^_~ (wink)

"B" said...

@ eli - ah, hahaha! thanks! sobrang saya! di ko aakalaing maeexperience ko un. pagppunta kayo ng friends mo sa bhol, try nyo rin to! :)

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