Monday, 25 February 2008

Project Runway: The Last Challenge

Season 4, Episode 11 of Project Runway

This is the last challenge for these 5 remanining designers before the final competition at Bryant Park. Wanna know who made it and who were Auf this time??

Challenge for this episode:
After their field trip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the designers must choose an inspirational piece and create a whole new look that will earn them to the most awaited Fashion Week.

Guest Judge: Robert Cavalli


1.) Christian won this round!

- Inspirational : A spanish painting...
-He made a 3-piece that can be weared separately.
-He wowed the judges including the guess judge.
- He is sooo talented thinking he's only 21!!! (and i'm 21! come on! I haven't achieved anything! hahaha!) All I can say is he is very very talented. Plus the fact that he had a chance to work with Alexander McQueen!! (now that's wow!)

2.) Jillian - my all-time favorite!

-Inspirational : Master of the Argonauts
-She made a ready-to-wear that I would, personally, really looove to wear. I love her creations!
-Robert Cavalli even said to her that he would love her to be on his staff! (wow!)
-Even if she's known to be the last minute girl, she was able to push her creation and gave a big wow to the judges.

And now for the last one..

Well because both RAMI and CHRIS proved to the judges that they deserved a slot, the judges was caught in a deadlock. It's a TIE!!! But wait, Rami and Chris must compete to each other to know who will join Jillian and Christian at the Bryant Park.
Rami, as expectedly, made a drape dress from the aphrodite sculpture. He has requirements of owning the runway, though the judges would like to push his creativity out of his box - the drape-dress-concept. As for Chris, he got the highest praise from Cavelli. The most creative among the group. He has the talent in making a drama on the runway, perfect for haute couture. But then, his dress looks very familiar. It's almost the same like the one he previously made.

Auf? The Sweetest in Town. Sweet P bids farewell.

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Till the finale! See you at Bryant Park.
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