Monday, 10 November 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

During the "Undas" Weekends (actually the whole week), HBO aired HP and the Order of the Phoenix non-stop. The movie triggered my curiosity on the details of the succeeding books. It's not a surprise at all that I already forgot them. To give it a rest, I read Book 6 (Half-Blood Prince) again. Hey they are about to release the movie anyway, it's one way of refreshing Harry's story and find out what parts they didn't include. lol!

Warner Bros. will release the movie July 17 of next year (2009). Arrgh tagal pa.

Here's the Trailer:

For the Synopsis, click here.


punkiliciousss said...

WAAAAHHHH! Excitedness!!!

"B" said...

I kno! mas excited na ako dito kaysa sa Twilight.
hey! imomovie na yung angels and demons!

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