Thursday, 27 March 2008

Job Seekers!! - Where to Seek?

I hope my friends could pay me. kidding!! haha! Every time I came across to a job that I think they would be interested, I email it immediately to them. (Of course i asked them muna what job they want) I'm like a Human job alert machine. Difference is I don't just rely on "Jobstreet". I search and search and search...

Pwede na bang maging business to? haha..

SO I'd like to share these sites to you. Not all are good. But its better to have more resources than relying just to one.
Jobs Online
Career Match Online

(I'll continue to update this one if i came across a new one)

I have not much to do. So if u want to be included in my jobseeker list, just leave your email adress and the kind of job that you are looking here at the comment section. Don't worry its free. I'm just happy to help.

It's not necessarily that you're a fresh grad, my friends are all currently working. They are not just happy with their respective company. hahaha!

P.S. If you're in a hurry to have a job i suggest go with the old fashion way - Walk In. It's still much more effective if you ask me.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

EVENTS: Jobs & Festival!

My friends asked me to share these to you..
SO if you know anyone who's perfect to be part of these two events.. just buzz the contact person..
Juz SPREAD the NEWS! thanks

EVENT 1: Jobs @ Night

EVENT 2: Artists Festival @ Cubao Expo

Date - April 5 2008

"its a big thing with street parties etc."
Looking for 14 Food xhbtors
1k rent(11am til 2am d nxt day)
microwave & oven only (No kalan cooking)

iF interested contact Halmen@09063711710

for more info about the event kindly visit

Monday, 24 March 2008

Hillsong @ D Big Dome this 26th of May

I got the news from my friend and the details from this site

Hillsong United
May 26, 2008
Araneta Colliseum
  • Patron = P1162 (Reserved seating)
  • Lowerbox = P930 (reserved seating)
  • Upper A = P698 (reserved seating)
  • Upper B = P465 free seating
  • Gen Ad = P291 free seating

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bb. Pilipinas Controversy

I feel bad for Janina.. She was being true to herself. Its the judges whom we should grill in all sorts of issues.. Let them answer the public's question --- WHY??

Wonder what the freak I'm talking about? You better watch this VIDEO.


Paolo: "So you won 2 of the major award... Do you feel any pressure right now?"
Janina: "No... I don't feel any pressure right now."

Vivian Tan (Judge) :" .. What role did your family played for you as candidate for Bb. Pilipinas?"
Janina: "Well... my familee's role for me is... so important. Because there was... the.. they're.. they was the one whoo's... very.. haha! Oh I'm so sorry. Uhm my pamily.. family... Oh my G'd.. I'm.."
Paolo speaking behind her (voice only): "Pwede magtagalog. magtagalog ka na lang"

Janina: (as if did not heard Paolo) "... okay. I'm so sorry. I.. I told you that I'm so confident. Ito uhm wait. hahaha" (giggle). "Uhm, sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever because I'm 17 yrs. old. And.. haha! I.. I did not expect that I came from I came from one of the Tough Ten. So I said dot my family es the most imprtant persons in MY life. Thank you".

*She's a Broadcast Communication student of UE!!
and won the Bb. Pilipinas (World) Title.


Working is a PRIVILEGE (what the ??)

My friend shared this scoop about the belief/value/opinion of a CEO of this XXX company. Let's name it... BAGONG JUAN TELECOMM COMPANY.

(Note: all names here are ficitional to protect myself and everyone involve. I just want to share the belief of this CEO)

The story:
Bagong Juan Telecomm fired an employee because of dishonesty. The employee changed the amount in the receit for reimbursement. Say this employee's name is Mang King. Mang King has a relative who's also working at Bagong Juan Telecomm. Her name is Noodles. Noodles is a fine employee who does her job well and appreciated by everyone.

The day after Mang King was fired, when Noodles report to work (she was absent when Mang King was fired) she obviously raged in anger!!!! There's a notice on the lobby stating that Noodles is no longer connected or affiliated with Bagong Juan Telecomm.

Noodles: Ano to? Hindi ko to alam. May notice na bang binigay sa'kin? Bawal to sa Labor Code ah! This is FREAKIN UNFAIR! MAGDEDEMANDA AKO!

With all the courage that she could get from her burning rage, Noodles bravely fight for right! (AMEN!!)

Director/CEO: (talking to his loyal employee) Ang kapal naman ng mukha ng Noodles na yan magdemanda. Buti nga may trabaho sya. "Working is a privilege!" (with strong conviction)

Loyal Employee: (hindi nakapagsalita sa biglang paga-akyat ng dugo)

Director/CEO: Hayaan mo, may tao tayo dun sa labor.

BOGSH! Kung walang ZTE malamang baka kunin pa akong witness dito. Naku naman wag naman sana dba??

Upon hearing this, I totally can't believed it! A privilege??? MY GOSH!! Ang alam ko IT IS OUR RIGHT! May mga tao palang ganon? Boogie kayong mayayamang kayo. Ang alam nyo lang lahat nadadaan sa pera. I'm so sure di kayo magiging successful. Buti nalang di ko kayo boss. hehehe..

People i wanna hear your reactions. Kawawa naman si Noodles. She dont have the money and the power status. But she has the blood of Gabriella Silang. Kaya hands down to you Noodles. My prayers are with you. I hope you'll win the case.

Please spread this story..


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Project Runway Season 4: THE FINALE!!!!!!!


F-I-E-R-C-E, fierce i may say! This season is the best ever. So do you want to know who won among these 3 talented designers?

The Judges for this finale (Guest Judge- Victoria Beckham):
If you want to know it by yourself just watch these videos
Finale part 1/5
Finale part 2/5
Finale part 3/5
Finale part 4/5
Finale part 5/5

But if you want to know it like right now?! Read on..

The competition was sooo stiffed. And believe me, hands down to the winner. HE definitely deserves the spot. (oops, did i say HE?)
Okay HERE IT GOES! Ready?

Christian WON!!!
The 21-year-old, fierce, bursting of talents won! (and hey I'm also 21!!! damn it!)

I thought Rami or Jillian could have won or christian.. I mean waiting for Heidi Klum to mention THE name was so.. so.. tense? (is that the word?) coz whoever wins among them is totally okay (for me).

I like Jillian's designs. I would love to wear them compare to Rami's and Christian's. But the judges are right, Jillian failed to to formulate a distinct point of view. Aww.. But I'm still a fan of Jillian. I like her white dress though.

Rami. Bravo to rami! clap!clap!clap! The details are so wowable! But I don't like the color. It looks old. But the cut, details, designs, the evening gown is just great. His collection was cohesive. It's just the color that i think dragged him down.

As for christian, people people. I know there are a few who did not agree with the judges decision. But hey i think christian needed the money more among those 3. Rami has already a boutique, a large space to work on with his designs (you saw that when Tim visited them). As for Christian, he may have the attitude, but my heart goes to him when his sewing place is also his bedroom and closet as well. The judges did not based on this but these are just all my opinion. So give him a break. You know he has the vision, the dream, the talent and the "fierce". HE can make a statement and stand out among the rest.

Great Season. Till the next..

*All photos are grabbed at

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