Thursday, 27 March 2008

Job Seekers!! - Where to Seek?

I hope my friends could pay me. kidding!! haha! Every time I came across to a job that I think they would be interested, I email it immediately to them. (Of course i asked them muna what job they want) I'm like a Human job alert machine. Difference is I don't just rely on "Jobstreet". I search and search and search...

Pwede na bang maging business to? haha..

SO I'd like to share these sites to you. Not all are good. But its better to have more resources than relying just to one.
Jobs Online
Career Match Online

(I'll continue to update this one if i came across a new one)

I have not much to do. So if u want to be included in my jobseeker list, just leave your email adress and the kind of job that you are looking here at the comment section. Don't worry its free. I'm just happy to help.

It's not necessarily that you're a fresh grad, my friends are all currently working. They are not just happy with their respective company. hahaha!

P.S. If you're in a hurry to have a job i suggest go with the old fashion way - Walk In. It's still much more effective if you ask me.


quincy john said...

very generous si shaula ah...


musta na?

where ka nag wowork?

shaula0pink said...

Hey guys.. please visit

there you can get a far better tips in job hunting..

My Daily Thoughts said...

THis can be useful to a lot of people seeking for job... Thanks for sharing and Thanks for dropping by my site

Makoy said...

hi! please send me the description and the category of ur blog. im updating my links page.

Beyond The Rave Reality said...

Hi I already link you up on my blogroll..You're actually first on my list.. Please do the same and here is my URL

aj said...

You can add too :)

shaula0pink said...

hey thanks Aj! :)

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