Sunday, 11 January 2009

1st Sunday with CCF

After how many sundays of hearing mass at a Catholic worship service, I had this strong urge to go instead to CCF. I believe that my soul/spirit is longing for that kind of praise and worship. I prayed for it, and AMEN to you oh God, He answered my prayer.

It's good for Nethz, Ate Che and Kuya Calvin to let me join them to celebrate God's love. I am joyful that finally I get to attend na rin. It's my 1st time and I pray that it won't be the last.

I'm the only Christian in the family. Me and my Mom were the only ones who's very keen to go to chuch. That's why I'm kinda hestitant at first to start going to CCF. I said to myself that will continue to accompany my mom, besides we all worship one God, right?

I never knew that it would make a difference. No offense to all catholics there. Technically I'm still a Catholic. But I was renewed and transformed already by God's grace. Iba pa rin pala talaga. I find myself at times sinning during mass... I want to bring praise to God... to Jesus. But I notice ang daming prayers to Mama Mary. I feel like it's not much Christ-centered. I feel like it's not helping. God's presence are still there. Pero iba pa rin. It doesn't much help you how to sustain and protect your grace in this life... how to maitain having a christian lifestyle. That's when I decided that it's time for me to attend CCF.

Yes, wala naman sa church yun. Pero the kind of prayer and worship CCF or other christian ministries offer truly helps my spiritual life. And I believe it is God's will that I should hear today's sermon which is about the coming Fasting Feast. When I heard all about it, seems like God prepared me for this. It's already been a week since kinda fasting na ata ginagawa ko. I didn't ate much compare last month (december!! lol). So I'm really committing myself for this week's activity. And I pray that one day, all of my loved ones will be able to join me in CCF. Amen.


Elyong said...

Our faith in God goes beyond religious groups. Go where your heart is and where God is calling you. Worship Him everywhere in Spirit and in Truth.

God Bless You.

eli said...

hi. its personal relationship with God that counts. nice and may you enjoy your new journey.

"B" said...

Hi Elyong and ELi.
Thanks for your comments. I agree with both of you. It's not about which religion is the right one.. It's all about your relationship with the Lord.

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