Tuesday, 4 August 2009

There's is Nothing Permanent in this World

I got soo pissed when my ka-dgroup (small group BS) was complaining about life. I was like, "buti ka nga may life".
Buti ka nga you are a working progess of God.. Na nae-experience mo yung life na nasyo si God.
Na meron ka pang "chance" na magbago.
Na nararamdaman mo yung fruits of the spirit
Ang babaw.. kung ayaw mo ng life mo, sana binigay mo nalng dun sa tao na gusto pang mabuhay.

I am preparing for my GB.. pero after what happened, i realized, what's the point. Even your loved ones can be taken away. All of it can be taken away from u.
Only God is the ever consistent, permanent here in this world.
Sya lang talaga..
Why attach urself so much with someone? Kung darating lang din pala yung time na mawawala sya..
Everything seems to be pointless..
Mas mabuti pang si God lang tlga..

Come this end of this year... and nothing happened..
Lord please close my heart.. not until u desires it..

1 comment:

eli said...

hi, questions are left unanswered until we accept and trust God with every detail of our lives.

we asks those questions because we don't understand or we don't want to understand His works.

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