Thursday, 14 June 2012

Waking Up

It was my 26th birthday that i realized how much i allowed the circumstances around me just to pass me by.

I realized that i have spend much of my time in working. I am becoming one of those corporate exec who are extremely busy. And i must say, it is indeed a sad life, though God has been faithful, giving me peace everyday & sustaining me. That's why ithought i was doing just fine.

Weekend after my birthday, i just woke up, crying. I cried to God how sad i am. How did i end up here? I realized i have been sad long before i know.

But God is so sweet.

I found myself crying my heart inside the car at a carpark due to the failed attempt of surprising my fiance (by doing so, i thought i'll be okay). I texted my 2 closest friends. And in just a matter of minutes, they came to comfort me. I am greatly touched by their effort, concern, and love. Thank you God that i have friends like them. They told me, they noticed i stopped doing what i love. I stopped my photography hobby, i stopped dancing, i stopped traveling. Wow, God, i never thought of this. If it's not work, i opt to rest so I can work. Pathethic!

Oh, dear God, thank you for bring patient with me and hearing my plea. Thank you for your mercy and love. Please help me to lift up my eyes on you for my help is on the way, you will not delay. Your promises are true. You are my refuge and strength. Thank you Father. In Jesus name, Amen.

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