Saturday, 20 October 2007

Motivated, Not Motivated

Well you see there's controversy, politics etc. everywhere.. Small companies, multi-national ones, they're all the same. I'm not here to talk about it. Well arrrghh!! I'd like to think that I'm motivated enough.. Di na uso spoon feeding sa corporate world (yeah i know that). Pero, uhm.. nakakatamad eh. I know di ako yung bet nung CEO namin for this position.. pero ewan ko ba I feel so stupid. "The New Guy". In this case, girl.

Ganun ba talaga? I should be studying right now (self-study), own product training! arrrgghh!!!!


MONACO said...

corporate politics? tell me about it! i thought i was immune to it, i wouldn't be affected, propeysional ako! di pala. one cannot escape it pala, as i found out later.

shEn said...

hi shao!what's up? trouble at the office? there are times that you really lose your motivation at tatamarin ka. whenever that happens, isipin mo lang yung mga priorities mo. yung reasons bakit ka andyan. books or watch a movie. nakakamotivate din yun =)

shaula0pink said...

hi monaco!
well, yeah.. I thought it was just nothing. I mean I should not take it seriously (wala akong pakialam sa kanila).. Pero you're right mahirap coz yung paligid mo/environment mo.. haay, ang hirap magwork ng ganon.
At lalo na may nagbibitay ng mga bagay na makakasama ang tingin ng boss sa isang katulad ko dahil isa siyang malaking SIPSIP!!

shaula0pink said...

Hi shen!
haay.. mahabang istorya shenshen!
pressure sobra. As in! Talagang haay..
I'm looking for work actually. Wala nga lang time, pero pag may opportunity.. lam mo na, mag-1 month naman na ako sa nov.5 eh. hehehe ano ba un. at least di 1 week. hahaha! Di, ganda kasi ng product namin pero pangit tlga ng management.

ghee said...

just hang in there,girl! :)

thanx for the comment btw :)

lets exchange links?drop me a line,ok?

Happy Haloween Dear!!

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