Sunday, 14 October 2007

When a door closes, a window opens

Hey I'm back!

It's been so long. Well, the whole preparation (wake and all) for my uncle's cremation kept us busy all. I've been with them from the very start till the end.

I've always believe that I, being a bum and all for a very long time, has a reason. Like being there & spending my time with my family. I get to be with them all. From my grandparents down to my cute baby cousins. And when death came to our family, I know this won't be the end.

Truly the saying in my title is true. Right after my Uncle's cremation, I got a job. It's not the kind of job I have in mind, but you know, just for an experience. It sucks! No it isn't. I mean, whew, I just can't wait to reach the 6th month and i'm out of there baybeh! Ideally I should make tiis for a about a year. Pero.. haay.. I hope I could even last for 6months.

I'm working for about a week already. and that's a record! haha..

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Let's Ex Links!
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