Thursday, 8 November 2007

IT's Starbucks Planner Season Again!!

I was so like craving for a starbucks frappucino for a week already. And btw, when the november entered the calendar, I can't help but wonder when will be the starbuck planner season will start.

And there you go. My feet dragged me to the nearest starbucks store on my way to the shuttle station. And woah! Planner season na pala!!!! Waaahhh! haha! I know some may think that me and like other people are so ridiculous to be so into this kind of marketing strategy. It's like I'll be spending for about more than a thousand for just a planner. But you see it's not just-just a planner...

The FUN starts when you start collecting those stickers, and you'll end up treating your friends (vice-versa), just to complete all those stickers.
I didn't have the chance to really looked at the new planner. I hope it's not that makapal na. hehe..

Christmas is nearing na!! (means gastos! haha joke!)
(pic:This is me, zipping the mocha frap while I walk along Rufino Avenue)

1 comment:

shaula0pink said...

syempre ngarag ever na ako dito

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