Sunday, 25 November 2007

A Month of Gatherings

Gatherings is one of the fun parts when you're working already. High School friends, College kada, & neighbor dudes... It's one of the few things to look forward every weekends. "Motivation sa work" haha..

Nov. 16 - Catching Up Day with my College Sisters
At Mall of Asia

Nov. 17 - Dinner & Mall Envasion with Childhood Friends
At Trinoma

Nov. 24 - A "Glimpse-like" Dinner with my High School Berks

At Blue Wave

Nakakabitin if you ask me. Kaya for sure, its just the start of everything. Dito ata mapupunta sweldo ko. haha! Pero its fun seeing people that you know. No clients, no boss'.. an ordinary day that makes you love LIFE.

Till the next Lakwatsa!

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Let's Ex Links!
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