Sunday, 29 July 2007

I always know I'm an ENTJ

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You Are An ENTJ

The Executive

You are a natural leader - with confidence and strength that inspires others.
Driven to succeed, you are always looking for ways to gain, power, knowledge, and expertise.
Sometimes you aren't the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.
You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

In love, you hold high standards... for yourself, for your relationship, and for your significant other.
While it's easy for you to impress others, it's hard for you to find someone who impresses you.

At work, you are organized and good at delegating. You understand how to achieve goals.
You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur, or consultant.

How you see yourself: Rational, calm, and objective

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Inflexible, controlling, and overbearing

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix * A must see sights for Harry Potter fanatics *

July 13, 2007 (Friday the 13)
Shang Mall
Last full show
(all pictures from punky's cam)

A Barkada gimik that turns out to be a 'threesome awesome'. lol! From suppose 10 peeps to 5 and down to 2 (me & punky {as always})... and with Mark as well pala.


People are so waiting for this movie. Makati cinemas are fully booked!! If you want to watch a 6pm movie, you better go to glorietta by 1pm! That's why we end up watching at Shang. Good thing we've got lots of catching up to do... (we're already there by 7pm, means we still have 3 hours and a half to bond!)

{picture moments}

While watching the movie, I so can't remember what i've red in the book. I was still like in high school when I red that, so you can't blame me if i can't remember it that much. Well, except that Sirius got killed because i did not see that coming when I was reading the book at that time.

Anyway, for the feedback, I LOOVE THE FIGHT SCENE!!! The Best! Even though there's no Quidditch... {awww} Harry's got muscles na. {dati batang paslit lang sya}

1.) From what i remember, the main event that strucked me when i was reading it is not the fight scene. It's the fact that Sirius is dead, that you can feel Harry's ache because Sirius is going to adopt him and they're going to start a new family.. In the movie, there weren't much focus / emphasis {churva} on Sirius death...

2.) I love the weasley twins!!
3.) And what happend to Ron? What happened to his face??
4.) I love Luna!! She's so pretty
5.) How's the acting Cho? I think you need to attend more acting workshops.
6.) Funny part, when Umbridge interrogate Snape and Ron laugh in front of Snape, then suddenly Snape spanks ron's head.. hahaha!
7.) "just because you have an emotional rage of a teaspoon" - hermione

8.) David Yates did a very creative way in the battle of the OTP and Death Eaters, using white & black smokes... compare to what i imagined, the usual pointing of wands.. haha {poink!}
A week before the movie was released here in the philippines, my cousin from UK was here. SHe told me they lived near the castle a.k.a. hogwarts... {COOL!!} I asked if she could show me some pictures, but she hasnt emailed me back (she's back in UK now)

Then I bumped into this site. "Must-See Sights for Harry Potter Fans" (By Katherine Tom, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Travel) here's the URL:

(from Yahoo Travel)
Alnwick Castle
familiar? this castle was used as exterior for Hogwarts
Photo by: steve.wilde

(from Yahoo Travel)
King's Cross Station
London, UK
The REAL Platform 9 3/4
Photo by: opencontent

(from Yahoo Travel)
Alnwick, UK
Quidditch huh?? {kewl}
Photo by: Frenkieb

(from Yahoo Travel)

Gloucester Cathedral
Guess where in the movie you've seen this? Hogwart's hallway!!:)
Photo by: tawalker

The Simpsons

Thursday, 19 July 2007

My friend is getting married!!

I can't help it, but i really need to put this in my blog. This is the very big announcement of my dear friend. And she announced it in our yahoogroup!! could you believe that?? They've been engaged like in our time na we are all so busy in our thesis, events.. huhuhu.. engaged ka na pala!! ME? angry? no... im shock!!!
It never occur to me na at those times that we are all together... she's getting married na pala.

Yes, I'm happy for her. Pero im like about to cry... parang bakit?nakakaiyak. Don't take it negatively.. it's just that sana you could have told us in person.. huhuhu..

I'm gonna miss u!! (why am i saying this? As if she's going somewhere..) I dont know.. I just feel that im gonna miss her.. she's entering a whole new life. While me, a life after college.. She is now going to enter the life of having a family of her own..

Im soo gonna go to your wedding!! You owe us bigtime, nanahimik ka..

I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!! im so gonna cry!


Monday, 9 July 2007

Shu shunga shunga

Funny! My british pamangkins just arrived here.

And she approached me and asked "Tita, may coupon bond kayo?

Ako naman shushunga shunga, went to the bathroom and gave her cotton buds!!!

"Tita coupon bond po"

"Ay ano ba, bond paper ba?"


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Technorati Profile

Greenpeace: Pledge for the Planet

its 07-07-07!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot has happen to me and there's so many things i want to post here. But anyway, I just signed up for Greenpeace. (oh i always want to help Mother Earth in my own simple ways. And voila! It was so amazing to find out that what u've always believe in... {can't find the words}

It's Simple lang, Pledge for the Planet. As we are aware, we already are experiencing climate change due to global warming. ANd if we do nothing about it, our 7,107 islands might end up... who know 7000? (scary!) So this "pledge" challenges each & everyone of us to be energy conscious. To know more about it, visit this site below.

When signed up, each month it gives you simple challenges. Right now, i just received my very first challenge. And I would like to share it to you guys!

Here it is:

Dear Greenpeace Activist,
It is not enough that we know that climate change is real. We have to act and we have to act now. Climate change is mostly caused by human activities. Our passive habits of consuming too much electricity lead to THE incr ease in burning of fossil fuels like coal which emits greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, causing climate change. We need an energy revolution! Let’s start this by being energy-conscious!
Your first simple act for July is to switch off lights & lamps when you leave the room. Since we were young, we were reminded time and again to turn off the lights before leaving the room. It's not too late to make it a habit!
You might think that leaving a single lightbulb on when not in use is harmless to the environment... think again!
If you leave a single 100 watt lightbulb on for a whole day... In a months time that is equal to:
72 kWh a month of wasted electricity; 43 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide released to the atmosphere
Per light bulb left the whole day gives you PHP 635.76 additional cost in your electricity bill. Ask yourself how many light bulbs you leave switched on in your house…
Imagine if 300,000 households in Metro Manila leaves a single 100 watt lightbulb on for a whole day. In a months time that is equal to: 21,600,000 kWh a month of wasted electricity; 12,900,000 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide released to the atmosphere
That’s a total of Php 190,728,000 electricity cost that can be allocated for other services;

Thank you!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a note at
Your fellow Energy [R]evolutionaries,
Chuck, Abi, Beng, Jasper
and the rest of
Greenpeace Southeast Asia

What are you waiting for? Join and pledge for the planet


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

PLUG!!!! - Bazaar concessionaires, WANTED

We are currently looking for concessionaires, booth placement is on first come first served basis.

Tap the youth market, university students, Tiendesitas regular goers and residents of nearby villages such as Acropolis, Green Meadows, Valle Verde, Eastwood, Corinthians, etc.

Youth Entrepreneurs’ Trade Expo: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Potential of the Filipino Youth

Tiendesitas People’s Village

August 4-5, 2007

We are currently looking for young entrepreneurs who have original, marketable, socially relevant and Filipino based products, (concessionaires are preferably 18-40 years old)

Booth fees flat rate of 2500php, with store hours 10AM- 10PM daily. A 2x2 booth will be provided with 1 mono bloc table with table cloth and 2 mono boc chairs. Each booth is entitled to 300 Watts usage of electricity, excess usage will be charged accordingly.

For info contact me:
Shaula Golez
09065744416 / 09224311130

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