Wednesday, 4 July 2007

PLUG!!!! - Bazaar concessionaires, WANTED

We are currently looking for concessionaires, booth placement is on first come first served basis.

Tap the youth market, university students, Tiendesitas regular goers and residents of nearby villages such as Acropolis, Green Meadows, Valle Verde, Eastwood, Corinthians, etc.

Youth Entrepreneurs’ Trade Expo: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Potential of the Filipino Youth

Tiendesitas People’s Village

August 4-5, 2007

We are currently looking for young entrepreneurs who have original, marketable, socially relevant and Filipino based products, (concessionaires are preferably 18-40 years old)

Booth fees flat rate of 2500php, with store hours 10AM- 10PM daily. A 2x2 booth will be provided with 1 mono bloc table with table cloth and 2 mono boc chairs. Each booth is entitled to 300 Watts usage of electricity, excess usage will be charged accordingly.

For info contact me:
Shaula Golez
09065744416 / 09224311130

1 comment:

shaula0pink said...

P.S. There's a 200 pesos discount for concessionaires who'll pay before july 12, and you will get a commission of 200php per confirmed exhibitor you managed to refer.

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