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Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix * A must see sights for Harry Potter fanatics *

July 13, 2007 (Friday the 13)
Shang Mall
Last full show
(all pictures from punky's cam)

A Barkada gimik that turns out to be a 'threesome awesome'. lol! From suppose 10 peeps to 5 and down to 2 (me & punky {as always})... and with Mark as well pala.


People are so waiting for this movie. Makati cinemas are fully booked!! If you want to watch a 6pm movie, you better go to glorietta by 1pm! That's why we end up watching at Shang. Good thing we've got lots of catching up to do... (we're already there by 7pm, means we still have 3 hours and a half to bond!)

{picture moments}

While watching the movie, I so can't remember what i've red in the book. I was still like in high school when I red that, so you can't blame me if i can't remember it that much. Well, except that Sirius got killed because i did not see that coming when I was reading the book at that time.

Anyway, for the feedback, I LOOVE THE FIGHT SCENE!!! The Best! Even though there's no Quidditch... {awww} Harry's got muscles na. {dati batang paslit lang sya}

1.) From what i remember, the main event that strucked me when i was reading it is not the fight scene. It's the fact that Sirius is dead, that you can feel Harry's ache because Sirius is going to adopt him and they're going to start a new family.. In the movie, there weren't much focus / emphasis {churva} on Sirius death...

2.) I love the weasley twins!!
3.) And what happend to Ron? What happened to his face??
4.) I love Luna!! She's so pretty
5.) How's the acting Cho? I think you need to attend more acting workshops.
6.) Funny part, when Umbridge interrogate Snape and Ron laugh in front of Snape, then suddenly Snape spanks ron's head.. hahaha!
7.) "just because you have an emotional rage of a teaspoon" - hermione

8.) David Yates did a very creative way in the battle of the OTP and Death Eaters, using white & black smokes... compare to what i imagined, the usual pointing of wands.. haha {poink!}
A week before the movie was released here in the philippines, my cousin from UK was here. SHe told me they lived near the castle a.k.a. hogwarts... {COOL!!} I asked if she could show me some pictures, but she hasnt emailed me back (she's back in UK now)

Then I bumped into this site. "Must-See Sights for Harry Potter Fans" (By Katherine Tom, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Travel) here's the URL:

(from Yahoo Travel)
Alnwick Castle
familiar? this castle was used as exterior for Hogwarts
Photo by: steve.wilde

(from Yahoo Travel)
King's Cross Station
London, UK
The REAL Platform 9 3/4
Photo by: opencontent

(from Yahoo Travel)
Alnwick, UK
Quidditch huh?? {kewl}
Photo by: Frenkieb

(from Yahoo Travel)

Gloucester Cathedral
Guess where in the movie you've seen this? Hogwart's hallway!!:)
Photo by: tawalker

The Simpsons


shaula0pink said...

To Add up:
I love Bellatrix! haha! The role was very well performed. ABRAKADABRA!BOGSH!!!

shna said...

basahin na ang book 6 ng mabasa na ang 7! dali! da best ang nagiisang character sa 7! di ko gusto yun pero now... kapantay ng pagkafave ko kay luna lovegood!!! nice pictures ah! lavit! ^__^

shaula0pink said...

haha! sinumulan ko na basahin ang book 6 kagabi. naku di ko nga binasa yung blog mo about book7 baka mamya may mabasa ako.. haha!
uy ha ang bilis mo naman matapos basahin ang book 7.

uy cno yun? ka-intriga ha!. hahaha..

punkiliciousss said...

waaaahhhh! ang haba ng post mo tsong! akala ko after nung pix natin sa shang, tapos na! musta naman, hinanap ko yung comment link. asa baba pa pala ng castles and penguins! sobrang nawindang ako sa haba, nakalimutan ko na yung reply ko talaga.

shaula0pink said...

hahaha! sori nman! na-gitla lang ako na ang Hogwart's Hall pala ay isang Cathedral! at di ko napigilang ipagpopost.. haha
tsuri tsuri..
oh ano comment mo? hahaha

welcom back mah friend!

ces said...

Shaula, looked through your site. Natuwa ako, you posted pictures of Alnwick Castle.. That happens to be just about 45 minutes from where I am based right now pero hindi ko pa nabibisita. Nag-uwian kasi for summer break mga tao dito kaya wala ako makasama pero when I do go there, I'll take loads of pictures for you! Hehehe.

Hope all is well back there :-)

shaula0pink said...

Hi ces!

really? wow! cool. You better buzz me right away if you already have those pictures. haha. My cousin lives there too near alnwick castle, though i forgot where exactly they live.

All the best Ces!

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