Saturday, 7 July 2007

Greenpeace: Pledge for the Planet

its 07-07-07!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot has happen to me and there's so many things i want to post here. But anyway, I just signed up for Greenpeace. (oh i always want to help Mother Earth in my own simple ways. And voila! It was so amazing to find out that what u've always believe in... {can't find the words}

It's Simple lang, Pledge for the Planet. As we are aware, we already are experiencing climate change due to global warming. ANd if we do nothing about it, our 7,107 islands might end up... who know 7000? (scary!) So this "pledge" challenges each & everyone of us to be energy conscious. To know more about it, visit this site below.

When signed up, each month it gives you simple challenges. Right now, i just received my very first challenge. And I would like to share it to you guys!

Here it is:

Dear Greenpeace Activist,
It is not enough that we know that climate change is real. We have to act and we have to act now. Climate change is mostly caused by human activities. Our passive habits of consuming too much electricity lead to THE incr ease in burning of fossil fuels like coal which emits greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, causing climate change. We need an energy revolution! Let’s start this by being energy-conscious!
Your first simple act for July is to switch off lights & lamps when you leave the room. Since we were young, we were reminded time and again to turn off the lights before leaving the room. It's not too late to make it a habit!
You might think that leaving a single lightbulb on when not in use is harmless to the environment... think again!
If you leave a single 100 watt lightbulb on for a whole day... In a months time that is equal to:
72 kWh a month of wasted electricity; 43 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide released to the atmosphere
Per light bulb left the whole day gives you PHP 635.76 additional cost in your electricity bill. Ask yourself how many light bulbs you leave switched on in your house…
Imagine if 300,000 households in Metro Manila leaves a single 100 watt lightbulb on for a whole day. In a months time that is equal to: 21,600,000 kWh a month of wasted electricity; 12,900,000 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide released to the atmosphere
That’s a total of Php 190,728,000 electricity cost that can be allocated for other services;

Thank you!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a note at
Your fellow Energy [R]evolutionaries,
Chuck, Abi, Beng, Jasper
and the rest of
Greenpeace Southeast Asia

What are you waiting for? Join and pledge for the planet



kiksuo said...

recalled: you're asking me to go out coz it's 7-7-7!, "uhmm baby, we're broke.." =)

shaula0pink said...

i love it ha!
keep on posting your comments!! haha!
I'll check my rank baka di na ako pang 2million.. wahaha

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