Thursday, 19 July 2007

My friend is getting married!!

I can't help it, but i really need to put this in my blog. This is the very big announcement of my dear friend. And she announced it in our yahoogroup!! could you believe that?? They've been engaged like in our time na we are all so busy in our thesis, events.. huhuhu.. engaged ka na pala!! ME? angry? no... im shock!!!
It never occur to me na at those times that we are all together... she's getting married na pala.

Yes, I'm happy for her. Pero im like about to cry... parang bakit?nakakaiyak. Don't take it negatively.. it's just that sana you could have told us in person.. huhuhu..

I'm gonna miss u!! (why am i saying this? As if she's going somewhere..) I dont know.. I just feel that im gonna miss her.. she's entering a whole new life. While me, a life after college.. She is now going to enter the life of having a family of her own..

Im soo gonna go to your wedding!! You owe us bigtime, nanahimik ka..

I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!! im so gonna cry!



Mary Lynn said...

hahaha =) so funny and also shocking.. kala ko c shaulita ang mauuna.. c wej pala! =) **chocobites tym, the asaran while making chocolates**

shaula0pink said...

uy lynn buti naalala mo yun. di ko na talaga naalala. Actually im trying to recall kung may mga instances na ganon nga asaran, im trying to remember ung reactions nya.. pero wala di ko maalala.. nakalusot si wej! haha
oi! anu ka ba noh! ala pa sa isip ko ang pagpapakasal

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