Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tin-Aw Basic Photography Class

I joined a 3-day session with Sir Nathaniel's Basic Photography Class. It was held at Tin-Aw Gallery at Makati Ave. (beside Manila Pen). Its an every sunday, whole day session started last May 18 to June 1.

I learned so many things. And I'm excited to practice what I've learned. Punky was good enough to accompany me and sit in in our class. (She's already a student before of Sir Thaniel, UP Batch)

My Assignment # 1 - Single Source Light

My Assignment #2 - Motion

For other pics click here

And here are some of our Wacky Shots during my first day.

Barren Land

Outside Tin-Aw Art Gallery
(left: Me, Right: Punky)

Guitar sculpture by Salvador Lirio's "found objects"

Jump Shots & Photo Session at Manila Peninsula
(right after class)

I will post some other time those photos that was taken on our last day of class (June1). For those who want to take up a basic photography class, there will be June schedules. For more info please visit this site. Thanks!


pogingpayatot said...

hindi rin kayo mahilig tumalon, no? heheh

shaula0pink said...

hehe.. ganon talaga..
at di pa yan ang lahat ng jump shots ha. hehehe.. :)

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