Tuesday, 2 September 2008

B Conyo :: The 10 Conyo-mandments

* Got this From Bea (the master of these Conyo-mandments. lol
*(click the image to view it*


Bea said...

Master of conyo? HAHAHAHA!

"B" said...

haha! u definitely are! :)
Mishu Be!

LALAKSUT said...

had a great laugh reading this! haha.. btw, care to put my link on your site? saw your link through a friend's blog. hope to be one of your blog-er friends! more power to your blog!

Lester (lalaksut.blogspot.com)

"B" said...

@ lalaksut!
haha! me too! this conyo-mandments caught my attention that i really made an effort to do a lay-out for it.

Yep. I'll link you..
I'll PM u in your blog once its done. :)

LALAKSUT said...

wow nice work! so you did the layout for this pala.. ok just let me know b. :)

"B" said...

hey thanks!
Done linking you! :)

LALAKSUT said...

hi, did a link also. thanks!

Vhonne said...

alam ko ang original na gumawa nyang 10 conyo-mandments eh dalawang lalaki?

hmm... nabasa ko lng sa ibang forum... pero sino man ang gumawa nyan.. galing... hehehe....

i kinda make conyo na rin with my pagsasalita eh, di ba? lol

"B" said...

@ Vhonne

Talaga? Nakita ko lang ito pinost ng friend ko sa multiply at ako'y naaliw. hahaha!

sana man lang na-acknowledge ung guys behind this.

Vhonne said...

ate, este iha... amf.. ano ba itatawag ko sau? lol...

exchange link po tayo... http://batanggero.blogspot.com - Batanggero

lagay ko n link nio sa blog ko.. TC and Tnx

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