Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Angels and Demon

Got across with this site.
It's a movie poster of Angels and Demons. Based from the book of Da Vinci Code's Author. (ooopps, forgot his name. His name somewhat goes with Robert Brown? or Dan Brown?)

ANYWAY, (hey u can't blame me. it's been so long since I've read the book) I wasn't aware that they will make a movie for this book. Yey! something to look forward to.

If you ask me, I like Angels and Demons over Da Vinci Code. The whole plot.. everything was mind buggling and.. full of killings! (harhar!)

Can't Wait!

Lovin u All


Ner said...

wow, didn't know that they'll make this a movie. i also think this is better than da vinci code. but the da vinci code movie wasn't so great. hope this one'll be better ^^

"B" said...

Yeah, it caught me by surprise that they're going to make this a movie. Seems like there aren't much buzz about this.

Yeah the Da Vinci Code Movie isn't as good as in the book. Maybe because of the controversy revovlving around the book.

Hope this one will bring justice to the book. hehe// ^-^

palaboy said...

i love the book version of anels and demons... cant wait how they will give justice to the book ^_^

end up sleeping when i watched the davinci code... and i still havent finished that movie... I watch it whenever i cant sleep ^_^ HOHOHO

"B" said...

@ palaboy

haha! True! The Da Vinci Code movie is boring. If I haven't read the book I might have snooze off and ends up not finishing the movie.
Pinagusapan pa naman sya ng mundo..

Let's wait for Angels & Demon's trailer...

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