Thursday, 24 May 2007

3 happenings (mon-tues)

1.) Gift hunting for Ody beybeh!
May 20-21, 2007
Venue: SM Bicutan

Few days before her bday, i've been making kulit to my bf on what to give to her. I mean since we lack budget and all, we'll just going to celebrate her debut here in our house with her friendss. So hmm wat to give? material things? gift certificate? I want something new in our family's 'gifts'.hehe.. so while strolling at the mall, we come across an art thingy boot.. a paper blah blah. So anyway, we saw a karikatsur and we thought of it as our gift na. yey! So together we conceptualize and looked for a pic to be the peg. And after a day, tada!! nwek! bat parang di kamukha? gosh! kinda mahal pa naman yun! Sad di ko na-picturan.. grr! Mejo hawig naman niya if you stared at it for how many minutes. hehe.. Well, i hope she liked it coz of the effort we exerted to make it meaningful...

*photos taken @ Skin Perfect SM Bicutan. We bought a gift certificate there for her din.. from kanila mama naman yun :) *

2.) My sister's 18th bday
May 21, 2007
Venue: Here in our pad

Simple celebration.. with all her friends here in our house. Sympre di mawawala ang inuman blues and videoke - magic sing marathon.

*pic during lunch (blow d cake! haha)
*cake from red ribbon. :)

3. ) @ d Makati Area
May 22, 2007
Venue: Novartis, KFC People Support, McCann, Cityland, PSE, Kat's office, Powerbooks

Met a lot of people this day. Got to meet Mye, Abhie (balin), Lynn, Wej, Kirk, Dana, and Kats

Before 11am I'm already at Novartis for my initial interview. Ok naman. Though i doubt matanggap ako coz i think palya interview ko.. haaay.. Anyway, lunch time me and Lynn meet up at KFC People Support. Gosh! Liit ng chicken nila! huhu.. Pinakabano atang KFC ang nasa people support eh.. hehe.. So di ako nabusog.

After lunch, Dana, Wej, Cons arrived. WoW! na-miss ko sila! Syempre we talked about what are the plans for the surfworld issue. After which, update update on latest happening sa amin. Ka-miss talaga.

Anyway, by 2:30pm me and lynn need to go to Cityland. Coz we're going to try d marketing assistant post there. Kaso no time na, alanganin na.. so we (with Cons) decided to go to the McCann office. wahahaha! Trip lang. Got a picture there taken by conchita. Though she hasn't upload it yet.. so next time na lang yung pic. haha! Finally we arrived at Cityland.

Gosh! Luma ng bldg. Parang turn-off ako. Arte eh noh? We inquired there. un lang. haha. Kasi nag-aalangan ako mag-apply dun eh. Then off to Ayala Tower 1, and becozzz we're soo tired already, we hang-out there at Philippine Stock Exchange. Kwentuhan blah blah. Time pass by.. hapon na pala. Den we decided to visit kast across.. (Bank of Commerce). There I (finally) meet Barney, Kat's famous boss. Then since monthsarry namin, sabay na kami umuwi.. Hang around at Power books before that.

What a very tiring day!! Sobrang pagod.. and bogsh! after mag-magicsing paguwi.. tulog kagad!

*picture taken @ PSE :). The map lynn used for "walk-in" marathon :)

Hit me back! :)


punkiliciousss said...

debut na ni cali shandy??? huwaaat!!! pa-bati na lang po

shaula0pink said...

Yep2! dba may21 sya den si aldrin may22? hehe.. :) sure makakarating! hoy bruha! we need to talk!!! this is so crazy!! but there's something i must tell u!!

punkiliciousss said...

oo ba kelangan natin magusap! crazy rin ang week ko! at tumawag pala sakin ang mccann kaso dehins pa ko grad di ba??? huhuhu! at kung gusto mo apply cityland, ano ka ba! engineer nanay ko nun di ba? gusto mo referral? hahaha!

shaula0pink said...

wait namention ko ba yung cityland sayo? kasi nagmail un sakin eh. kaso uhm.. parang yoko.. hehe.. oh cityland pala si tita. di ko lam un ah. hehe. uy WOW!!! McCann!! that's soooo great punkikay!!!!! :)

heyabea said...

ang sarap ng cake :)

shaula0pink said...

sarap ba be? hehe.. di ko na napicturan yung choco caramel cake eh.. hehe.. uy ipopost ko dito ang ating fishball thingy!! hehe.. di kasi ako masipag magpost.. comment lang hehe

punkiliciousss said...

hoy wag mo naman ipagsigawan dito! wahahahaha! pag di natanggap! kawawa ang beauty ko! interbyu pa lang po! haha! thanks na rin pala!

shaula0pink said...

eh di ka naman naniniwala sa usog di ba? hehe :) may saatchi pa naman punx! hehe :)

punkiliciousss said...

wahahahaha! panalo ka shao! panalo talaga!

Et12k said...

Hi, Just passing by... just want to ask if you know any place in Makati thats a good place to hang out... since me and my colleagues also enjoy magicsing, they will surely love the place if they can also spend time singing their hearts out... kinda like redbox or encore... thanks...

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