Monday, 21 May 2007

hello fellow blogeers!

Hello fellow bloggers!

(newBie!)It's my first time here.. to blog i mean in a reaal blog site. haha! I usually blog in my multiply account. But I heard you can earn in just blooging. So that's what i'm trying to do now.

So.. hmm.. hit me back on what are the ways really.. how it really works! haha.. Kinda bum so i guess ill be spending my time here sharing all the things that comes to my head.. and eventually become an official blogger! wahahhahaha!

*Hit me back okay?? (pic taken at our room in Puerto




punkiliciousss said...

welcome to the blogosphere! haha!

shaula0pink said...

haha! thanks for the warm welcome! hehe.. blogosphere ba? hehe

kiksuo said...

yo bebe wazzap? cool page, just don't showcase everything coz ur mine!! haha. luv you..

shaula0pink said...

nyek nyek! haha! thanks! nice kasi andon pic mo ganon ba un? uy approve na google Adsense ko! yipeee!!!!!!!

keno said...

ei may tanong ako? saan kayo nakakakuha ng mgandang themes sa blogspot? hehe... bat may adsense ka? paano maglagay nun???...

shaula0pink said...

haloo keno!! ung theme? ahh pano ba.. template lang sya eh.namili lang ako dito sa blogspot. yung ad sense naman.. click mo yung customize, then click add element. After non click mo na yung AdSense para register ka muna :) add mo ko sa link mo ha!! hehe :)

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Let's Ex Links!
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