Thursday, 24 May 2007

My thoughts for the day - losing myself!

okay okay.. I told myself to update this site everyday.. but i failed. huhu! There are numerous things i wanna share with you coz a lot happened to me lately..

Well i think this one would be okay..

I checked my multiply account, (as always) then i saw ces' post (i met her during AIESEC NLDS). She's in UK right now. Anyway, she mentioned there that she's like having her dream life.. And that makes me react -- awww... felt happee for her. Wish I could experience that now! demanding? haha.. like if u have red my "about me", i said there that my journey hasn't started yet.

Gosh! Got so many things i wann do in my life.. but.. i dont.. i'm a bum here.. typing here in my blog! (oppose to me saying that i make things perfect where things are imperfect) yeah right! Really i'm losing myself. Ever since that grrrr... (curse them!!) thingy happened. (dunno what i'm talking about? maybe this would fill up ur info-craveness---->'s like i dunno where to go. Am i really be the way i foresee myself? Am i being impatient? or time is ticking already? Good thing "Heroes" is there to comfort me. hahaha! I love hiro!

I think that's it for this page.. *(photos taken in a dressing room at rustans g4.. shopping for grad)


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Let's Ex Links!
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