Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Career Status

Because I am always confused and decision making for my own self is not my best talent, I am still unemployed. Yep you heard it right. Though, there's this company Novartis, a health care company, just offered me a job as a Medical Representative.

At first when i heard,
I was like "wow i got a job na wohooo!".
But then, "oops is this what i want?"
Okay now im torn between whether to take this job or again back to square one in job hunting.

Why I need to take this job:
-I don't have any pending application to other companies.
-My gosh! it's already JUNE! Come on!
-I still don't have any experience yet to get my dream job
-I'll have a car
-My sales skills will develop
Why I should look for other job:
-Basic salary is not that high and you have to reach your quota
-Area is in QC!!!!! that is like soooooooo far!
-This is not your dream job
-the job seems scary...

I still dunno what to do. huhuhuhu


ces said...

My mom always say that we can't always expect to get everything we want and that sometimes, we just have to make the best out of what we have. If you have a dream job or a fantasy career then you have two options:

1. Take this job now while you plot out your next step. This job could give you the very experience you need to get that dream career going for you or,

2. Keep with your application frenzy until you finally find what it is that you're looking for.

But whichever path you choose, remember that no road can and will ever lead you back. Have faith or trust your gut or your heart to guide you into making this decision..

Whatever you decide to do, I think this is an exciting time for you and all this should render you happy and thrilled that you have so many options presented for you.

Goodluck and keep me posted!

shaula0pink said...

Thanks ces i need this kind of advice. You know me, I tend to be very paranoid and think too much of the negative things that may arise. It's just that I already have so many things I regret doing that I am afraid of adding yet again to that "regret list".

Since it is not easy to find that dream job, I think I'll take this one first. Ergo the first option you just mention.

The work is unpredictable. I'm scared, excited, ... but mostly scared. (scared cat!)

I hope this time around, there's no more regrets.

Take care!

ces said...

I used to hate the idea of regrets but time and time again, I have come to see its place in our lives. It makes us a little bit more aware of what we've made of ourselves and opens our eyes so as to appreciate the chances we are given.

You said so yourself that you're scared, that your life is complicated and you've done things you're not particularly proud of but you know what? No life is without pain, suffering, disappointments and fears. It's actually a pre-requisite if you ask me.

And end of the day, no one can ever tell you that you haven't lived.

Kayan kaya mo yan! Don't worry or think too much -even if it is part of a woman's genetic make-up, stop. There's a difference between existing in this world from actually living in it.

Keep in touch, sweets! Cheers!

shaula0pink said...

haha! I agree to every word that you've written.

Funny thing is, I just quit my work. Crazy, i know, after everything... All i know is that im more at peace.. :)

tc! God Bless!

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