Saturday, 9 June 2007

Epekto ng Katamaran

The very reason why decided to create my own blog is because (1) mega i have nothing to do (2) I think too much and i need it all to put it in writing so i won't go ballistic (3) kumita sa AdSense {harharhar}
But the problem is, I'm like SOO TAMAD! Tamad nga ba? When i can't wait to write something on my blog, pag ippublish ko na biglang ngeeek parang ayoko na. I have tons na nasa "draft mode". Anu ba un?
Ganon na ba ako kabilis mag bago ng isip? I mean I admit that "me = change". Madali ako magsawa sa lahat ng bagay, and i constantly look for something new. Don't want to elaborate anymore coz it would take pages for me to explain my whole "me". Hindi ko na nga alam kung dapat ko ikasaya ang pagkatao. Syempre dapat, pero.. ang hirap kasi maging "ako".
Am I making sense?
Epekto ng katamaran? This should be about me, failing to do my sworn responsibility for my blogsite. Pero no..... Ang epekto talaga ng katamaran eh MABABALIW KA!!!

Para naman may-saysay ang pag bisita mo sa site ko eh i think you oughta visit this site. It's about a POSER who says he's an Atenista and who really really hate Lasallians.. Funny to!
Click this ---->
Ang Loser talaga!


kiksuo said...

bebe, don't think $^@?*! ideas! it just makes you weak in the eyes of the tiger - survivor

shaula0pink said...

oist!! this is so old news na! hehe..
i cant believe tlga.. i mean relating to my new post!:)

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