Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Nightsoil Videos

hey there! I'm into video and photo editing even youtube and multiply was born. But then, i never had the time (i dunno why) to finish my videos. Let's say I learned first how to do it but then it was my bf who who enhances his craft more than I do.

So without further ado I would like to present to you the Nightsoil Videos! tada!!!!!
It's my bf's video collections-slash-creations.

Sample below is my fave hehehe.. I just like it. Anywho, plsplspls drop by to his YouTube account, and leave some comments. His account name is Nightsoil22 . Check it if you like it or not.


Job Fair turns out to be a Photo Session

I went to the Job fair last fri at Glorietta. I was a "bit" dressed up for the activity. I didn't go for corporate clothes coz sobrang init!! My friend Blez was so good to accompany me. We weren't in a hurry, we even ate lunch pa. I think that's around 130-2pm.

Off to the activity center.... and to my surprise, boggsshhhh!!!!! ANG DAMING TAO!!!! Wait. I thought hindi ganito kadami coz its already end of april, mag m-may na. so u kno.. but NO!!

Kaya naman pagtiyagaan actually but sasabay kasi kami sa friend ko pauwi. Like mga 3:40pm - 4pm dadating yung driver sa G4 entrance. That's why we decided na wag na lang. I took some shots for the available positions sa mga ibang companies. Other's were writing them down. I was so yabang na pinipicturan ko lang. (ang sama!!!, sorry peace yo!)
So then, while waiting for our friend, I insist na we do some shots.. tamang triping. hahaha! Below are some of the shots!


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!


Hollywood stars goes GREEEN for Earth Day!
(got this info from this site)

#1 Leonardo Dicaprio
  • ...participating in environmental awareness documentaries like The 11th Hour,
  • driving around in a hybrid Toyota Prius
  • kicking back in his majorly Earth-friendly, bamboo floored apartment,
  • Leo is doing his part both in home and in the public eye!

#2 Cameron Diaz
  • ...perfect spokeswoman for environmental issues
  • Cameron’s hosted both the Live Earth concert and MTV’s Trippin’, a program on global issues.
  • Cameron is certified to present Al Gore’s climate presentation – she’s not just talking the green talk, people!
#3 Hayden Panettiere
  • Hayden is saving the world one dolphin at time.
  • This bad-ass cheerleader has even had a run-in with the law for her activism efforts – an arrest warrant was issued for her in Japan after she took part in a surfboard protest against the Japanese annual dolphin and whale slaughter.
#4 Brad Pitt
  • ...Brad’s busy helping New Orleans recover from Katrina in an Earth-friendly way.
  • Along with Global Green USA and a team of architects, Brad helped choose a number of energy-efficient, recycled-textile housing designs that will help the city rebuild and work toward a greener future.
  • Check out his charity Make It Right, for more on his good deeds.
#5 George Clooney
  • He was the cover model for Vanity Fair magazine’s first green issue, and he’s the driving force behind Oil Change, a campaign to reduce America’s oil dependency.
  • Between those efforts and his environmentally friendly Tango electric car, George is a leading man in environmental issues.
It's good to know that these celebrities used their popularity/influence to something that could make a difference...

Monday, 21 April 2008

Goodbye Purefoods!

To my previous employer, yes I'm back and nagaapply na ulit.

I just had my exam with San Miguel Purefoods. Weird nga eh, nauna yung interview then exam. Anywho, I really want to work with this company. Because loyal na ako sa brand na ito since I had my first bite ng Tender Juicy hotdog. Plus its a trade marketing position! Well, that was before I found out na sa Brgy. Ugong pala yung office (base)!! nak ng! HR lang yata yung nasa ortigas. (im not sure). I was CLEARLY not informed by this. When I had my initial interview, walang minention so I assume sa same bldg lang din dba?? I am Miss Location. Kaya it's part of my criteria in looking for a job that the work place should be accessible. I asked them and yung first na sagot nila palagi is mag-take ng taxi. ANO? dont tell me i have to take a cab everrryday?? That's robbery ha!

SO it's clear na i-cancel ko yung application right? KAso kasi during the exam, marami kami. Most, employee na ng purefoods na galing sa ibang dept. na applying for the same position din. Grabe!! napaka ingay nila. And kopyahan talaga. We were told na TOP5 or 6 lang yung kukunin. And I felt overwhelmed by the result na kasama ako. Ang sarap ipagyabang at sabihin sa grupo na yun na ang ingay nyo kasi, buti nalang. hahahahahahha!

My dad and friends told me na try ko muna daw. kaso... ewan ko. malaki talaga impact sa akin yung location/ lugar. normal lang ba yun?? o OA na ako masyado? naisip ko kasi dahil given na ang OT dito sa pilipinas, mahihirapan ako kasi travel time palang. and yun nga di siya accessible..

It's obvious na yung decision ko is mukhang I'll have to let go of this company. Siguro na ooverwhelmed lang ako dahil of all ako yung nakapasa. dalawa lang ata kami na from online lang nag-apply. and the rest, employees na nila. Plus, its SAN miguel purefoods right??? Sh*t! ayoko magpadala sa name ng company.. huhuhu...

haaaayyyy!!! Ang hirap maghanap ng trabaho. at ang lakas ko pa maging mapili.

(tom na yung added pictures or what, im about to sleep na. blogger friends tom ko na kayo replayan ha. night)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Bravo to David Cook!!! *whistle* clap!clao!!
Lovin his performance. And I think his version of "Always be my Baby of Mariah" will definitely hit.

He'll be part of the top 3! wanna bet? haha!
Here's the video. Just watch it and vote for him.
Oh and Paula, pleeease straighten your tongue!

Friday, 11 April 2008

New Member of the Family

Aljen, Aljay, and Aljun are 6 yrs. old identical triplets who lived and was born at Danao, Bohol. Danao, Bohol is also our province (mother's side). Their father left them, and their Mother disappeared from nowhere. There are rumors that their mother Jennyfair was killed - salvage. Other than rumors, they received no news of their mother's whereabouts. Only their Lola Bering (grandmother) who took care and raised them. Lola has no job & her husband left them for his new family (the nerve!).

So my mom, my auntie, and my other auntie decided to adopt them. It was so noble of my mom and my aunties to take care of these angels. Nakakaawa talaga sila. When they arrived here in our place, i can't help but feel thankful that my family is together even if its not perfect, and that i grew up surrounded by my needs and wants.. They only have one rubber shoes that does not fit them, and i think less than 3 clothes... So syempre we are excited to shop for dozens of clothes, shoes, toothbrush, toiletries, notebooks, medicines etcetera etcetera..

We all are joking nga na when they grew up we'll send their story to "Sana'y muling makapiling" or sa "Maalaala Mo Kaya" and present their very first and only bag from GMA Kapuso. haha..
Actually we all are worried if iiyak or magttantrums sila dahil magkakahiwa-hiwalay na silang magkakapatid. Kambal toko kasi yung tatlo. Well in this case triplet-toko! haha!

Meet Aljay everyone!
Aljay will be staying with us until he grew up! haha!
And we promise to give him the life that he des

1.) Aljen and Aljay doing the peace sign.

2.) Aljay doing the pacquiao thing.

3.) My sister and Aljay

4.) Glend (new nursing grad), Aljen and ALjay

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Make Way for James Blunt!

James Blunt will be having a concert at Araneta this May 19, 2008 (Monday @ 8:00PM)

Ticket Details:

PATRON VIP (101,103) (Reserved Seating) 3,675
PATRON (Reserved Seating) 3,150
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) 2,625
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) 1,313
UPPER BOX B (Free Seating) 788
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) 420

For Reservation, please go to

*picture was grabbed at ticketnet's website

Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Life Last Year

I came across with my old post at my multiply account. Upon reading, I... I just can't believe my sched was like that crazy! How come I'm still alive? hahaha! Grabe, nakayanan ko pala yun.

Anyway, I just want to share it to you...


*hearts day??*hell week*sooo gemini*
Feb 15, '07 4:02 PM

This week is so exhausting! I have to juggle three things: compre, events, thesis and all has to be this sat!grabe! How come im still writing in this blog? baket ba? gusto ko irelease ang tensionsssss..

Monday: I have a class - taxation. Good thing ms. chichi gave me a chance to catch things up with my grade. Then I really thought I can go home na by 1030. Since every monday I only have one subj. Gosh! We still have pa pala our make-up with entrep. grrr! talaga! eh we're not doin anything naman with that subj. eh. I thought i could start up na with my thesis. So, my sched was totally messed!

one down!

Tuesday:"events day" The whole day, events events events! Gosh naiisip ko ung iba they are all studying na and me, us. what are we doin? GAD! and so concerns arise,.. sponsors.. etc.. official call center ang lola mo. By 11pm, that's the only time i could start with my thesis. and decided i should not sleep kahit my mtg pa ako with RaksoCt (btw visit their site www.akomodelo.com) tomorrow. Wow! Kahit papaano im done with my financials, revisions etc. Kaso un na ba un? scary, i might missed out something. Hep! not yet done. I still have presentation. Gosh naman! when ko kaya maggawa un? Finishd: 4am

Wed: woke up! Hearts day? NOOOOO!!!! Valentine's na valentine's may mtg ako. Gosh! we're suppose to have our mtg 11am @ coffee bean, greenbelt. Kamusta? haha! funny funny! I got the wrong bus. di daw sila dadaan sa ayala! nyaknyak! ok ok.. 12pm mtg @ hotshots.. 2pm mtg @ seattles.. 3pm @ enterprise -levi's. 4pm store inquiry for sponsors with cons.. blah blah.. 6pm arrived home, 7pm alis na naman. Family dinner @ pronto. 11pm bed! the world suddenly stops and i hope God did not made 7 days in a week.. sana man lang 10 days in a week.. haay..

Thurs: by goolly!! i didnt do anything last night! morning:beer computation for tinai mtg with san miguel.. sponsors... check mail.. nego with target client.. lunch.. wait gosh tickets pa pala and ung midterm project na yan!!!! okay di nyo na ako maintindihan.. on my way home from wej's condo for that submisiion of CJ's project!!(arrgh!), my dad and i was lost at nahuli pa kami (naman!). Grabe! memory loss talaga! and thesis should be the topic at this point of time.. but then i have to go to makati and meet som1 (when will this end, i wanna relax!!)

God help me pass my comprehensive exam....

*they say Gemini's can do 2 things at a time. I am a Gemini, I can do TWO things at a time. HINDI 3,4,or 5. TWO lang!!!!

I am so Gemini!

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