Thursday, 24 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!


Hollywood stars goes GREEEN for Earth Day!
(got this info from this site)

#1 Leonardo Dicaprio
  • ...participating in environmental awareness documentaries like The 11th Hour,
  • driving around in a hybrid Toyota Prius
  • kicking back in his majorly Earth-friendly, bamboo floored apartment,
  • Leo is doing his part both in home and in the public eye!

#2 Cameron Diaz
  • ...perfect spokeswoman for environmental issues
  • Cameron’s hosted both the Live Earth concert and MTV’s Trippin’, a program on global issues.
  • Cameron is certified to present Al Gore’s climate presentation – she’s not just talking the green talk, people!
#3 Hayden Panettiere
  • Hayden is saving the world one dolphin at time.
  • This bad-ass cheerleader has even had a run-in with the law for her activism efforts – an arrest warrant was issued for her in Japan after she took part in a surfboard protest against the Japanese annual dolphin and whale slaughter.
#4 Brad Pitt
  • ...Brad’s busy helping New Orleans recover from Katrina in an Earth-friendly way.
  • Along with Global Green USA and a team of architects, Brad helped choose a number of energy-efficient, recycled-textile housing designs that will help the city rebuild and work toward a greener future.
  • Check out his charity Make It Right, for more on his good deeds.
#5 George Clooney
  • He was the cover model for Vanity Fair magazine’s first green issue, and he’s the driving force behind Oil Change, a campaign to reduce America’s oil dependency.
  • Between those efforts and his environmentally friendly Tango electric car, George is a leading man in environmental issues.
It's good to know that these celebrities used their popularity/influence to something that could make a difference...


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shaula0pink said...

hi makoy! thanks for the info. i forwarded this contest info to my friend. I'm not really good in writing din kase. hehehe..

goodluck to everyone na sasali!

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