Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Job Fair turns out to be a Photo Session

I went to the Job fair last fri at Glorietta. I was a "bit" dressed up for the activity. I didn't go for corporate clothes coz sobrang init!! My friend Blez was so good to accompany me. We weren't in a hurry, we even ate lunch pa. I think that's around 130-2pm.

Off to the activity center.... and to my surprise, boggsshhhh!!!!! ANG DAMING TAO!!!! Wait. I thought hindi ganito kadami coz its already end of april, mag m-may na. so u kno.. but NO!!

Kaya naman pagtiyagaan actually but sasabay kasi kami sa friend ko pauwi. Like mga 3:40pm - 4pm dadating yung driver sa G4 entrance. That's why we decided na wag na lang. I took some shots for the available positions sa mga ibang companies. Other's were writing them down. I was so yabang na pinipicturan ko lang. (ang sama!!!, sorry peace yo!)
So then, while waiting for our friend, I insist na we do some shots.. tamang triping. hahaha! Below are some of the shots!



Pinoy WebSurfer said...

hehehe ayos sa trip.

bb_anne said...

was there last sat, just stroll and saw throngs of jobseekers though the queue was not that long...

eli said...

dami talagang job seekers...pahirapan na talaga to! pero okay ang trip nyo ha..nice photos!

shaula0pink said...

oo mahirap maghanap ng job dito sa pinas..
mmm.. mahaba pila sa registration since it can't accommodate all jobseekers..

thanks sa lahat ng papuri. hehe..

palaboy said...

I dunno if i can still go to any job fairs again... It's really hard to find a job here lalo na sa lagay ng ekonomiya... Hmm I hope our government will start creating more jobs and not just wait for foreign investors to start a business here... Lately, job fairs are getting crowded minsan magkakakilala na rin ung mga applicants dahil sila sila din ang mga nagkikita madalas sa job fair lalo na ung mga not lucky to find a job...

So how many job fairs na napuntahan nyo?

ako? wala... IM SCARED OF MANY PEOPLE::: hehehe joke lang... lucky lang na may trabaho pa naman...

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