Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Life Last Year

I came across with my old post at my multiply account. Upon reading, I... I just can't believe my sched was like that crazy! How come I'm still alive? hahaha! Grabe, nakayanan ko pala yun.

Anyway, I just want to share it to you...


*hearts day??*hell week*sooo gemini*
Feb 15, '07 4:02 PM

This week is so exhausting! I have to juggle three things: compre, events, thesis and all has to be this sat!grabe! How come im still writing in this blog? baket ba? gusto ko irelease ang tensionsssss..

Monday: I have a class - taxation. Good thing ms. chichi gave me a chance to catch things up with my grade. Then I really thought I can go home na by 1030. Since every monday I only have one subj. Gosh! We still have pa pala our make-up with entrep. grrr! talaga! eh we're not doin anything naman with that subj. eh. I thought i could start up na with my thesis. So, my sched was totally messed!

one down!

Tuesday:"events day" The whole day, events events events! Gosh naiisip ko ung iba they are all studying na and me, us. what are we doin? GAD! and so concerns arise,.. sponsors.. etc.. official call center ang lola mo. By 11pm, that's the only time i could start with my thesis. and decided i should not sleep kahit my mtg pa ako with RaksoCt (btw visit their site tomorrow. Wow! Kahit papaano im done with my financials, revisions etc. Kaso un na ba un? scary, i might missed out something. Hep! not yet done. I still have presentation. Gosh naman! when ko kaya maggawa un? Finishd: 4am

Wed: woke up! Hearts day? NOOOOO!!!! Valentine's na valentine's may mtg ako. Gosh! we're suppose to have our mtg 11am @ coffee bean, greenbelt. Kamusta? haha! funny funny! I got the wrong bus. di daw sila dadaan sa ayala! nyaknyak! ok ok.. 12pm mtg @ hotshots.. 2pm mtg @ seattles.. 3pm @ enterprise -levi's. 4pm store inquiry for sponsors with cons.. blah blah.. 6pm arrived home, 7pm alis na naman. Family dinner @ pronto. 11pm bed! the world suddenly stops and i hope God did not made 7 days in a week.. sana man lang 10 days in a week.. haay..

Thurs: by goolly!! i didnt do anything last night! morning:beer computation for tinai mtg with san miguel.. sponsors... check mail.. nego with target client.. lunch.. wait gosh tickets pa pala and ung midterm project na yan!!!! okay di nyo na ako maintindihan.. on my way home from wej's condo for that submisiion of CJ's project!!(arrgh!), my dad and i was lost at nahuli pa kami (naman!). Grabe! memory loss talaga! and thesis should be the topic at this point of time.. but then i have to go to makati and meet som1 (when will this end, i wanna relax!!)

God help me pass my comprehensive exam....

*they say Gemini's can do 2 things at a time. I am a Gemini, I can do TWO things at a time. HINDI 3,4,or 5. TWO lang!!!!

I am so Gemini!

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