Monday, 21 April 2008

Goodbye Purefoods!

To my previous employer, yes I'm back and nagaapply na ulit.

I just had my exam with San Miguel Purefoods. Weird nga eh, nauna yung interview then exam. Anywho, I really want to work with this company. Because loyal na ako sa brand na ito since I had my first bite ng Tender Juicy hotdog. Plus its a trade marketing position! Well, that was before I found out na sa Brgy. Ugong pala yung office (base)!! nak ng! HR lang yata yung nasa ortigas. (im not sure). I was CLEARLY not informed by this. When I had my initial interview, walang minention so I assume sa same bldg lang din dba?? I am Miss Location. Kaya it's part of my criteria in looking for a job that the work place should be accessible. I asked them and yung first na sagot nila palagi is mag-take ng taxi. ANO? dont tell me i have to take a cab everrryday?? That's robbery ha!

SO it's clear na i-cancel ko yung application right? KAso kasi during the exam, marami kami. Most, employee na ng purefoods na galing sa ibang dept. na applying for the same position din. Grabe!! napaka ingay nila. And kopyahan talaga. We were told na TOP5 or 6 lang yung kukunin. And I felt overwhelmed by the result na kasama ako. Ang sarap ipagyabang at sabihin sa grupo na yun na ang ingay nyo kasi, buti nalang. hahahahahahha!

My dad and friends told me na try ko muna daw. kaso... ewan ko. malaki talaga impact sa akin yung location/ lugar. normal lang ba yun?? o OA na ako masyado? naisip ko kasi dahil given na ang OT dito sa pilipinas, mahihirapan ako kasi travel time palang. and yun nga di siya accessible..

It's obvious na yung decision ko is mukhang I'll have to let go of this company. Siguro na ooverwhelmed lang ako dahil of all ako yung nakapasa. dalawa lang ata kami na from online lang nag-apply. and the rest, employees na nila. Plus, its SAN miguel purefoods right??? Sh*t! ayoko magpadala sa name ng company.. huhuhu...

haaaayyyy!!! Ang hirap maghanap ng trabaho. at ang lakas ko pa maging mapili.

(tom na yung added pictures or what, im about to sleep na. blogger friends tom ko na kayo replayan ha. night)


desperate blogger said...

why, where do you live? i know commuting is hard kaya lang sometimes we need to sacrifice. pero if commuting to your place of work will take so much toll ( physically and financially) on you, hanap na lang ng iba.

shaula0pink said...

i live here down the south..

yep! I'm over it na. haha..
the search continues..

Tahn said...

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claire said...

job hunting is really difficult.. if you were able to get a job because fo your hard work, that's good. but if it will take a toll on yourself, and if you think you might not be happy in the end, it's okay if you back -out. what's important is you tried and you won. :)

Anonymous said...

This is really funny. I got to your blog coz I was researching on viral web contents applicable to our products. Why? Because I work for San Miguel Pure Foods. YES, I am their new Trade Promo guy. And YES, I am based in Bgy. Ugong. LOL I applied and am enjoying the job you ditched some 4 years ago. I wonder what you're doing now... :))

Well yeah, being in Ugong is kind of being in a virtually unknown territory, and if you're the kind who really dig corp glam crap, making this barrio your business address will not be your kind of thing.But surprisingly, I like it here. you never have to worry about being late for work or lunch because you share the elevator with the other 23 floors of the damn building. you never have to worry about paying for parking space. actually, you dont worry about parking space since there's plenty of it in our compound.
and lastly, perhaps the HR failed to tell you that the position you applied for is normally being given a car. trade marketing requires you to work hours out of the office to do trade checks and a lot of representation. so that's a must.

ayun, funny aint it? hope you're having fun as well with your chosen company. :)

see you around!

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