Friday, 11 April 2008

New Member of the Family

Aljen, Aljay, and Aljun are 6 yrs. old identical triplets who lived and was born at Danao, Bohol. Danao, Bohol is also our province (mother's side). Their father left them, and their Mother disappeared from nowhere. There are rumors that their mother Jennyfair was killed - salvage. Other than rumors, they received no news of their mother's whereabouts. Only their Lola Bering (grandmother) who took care and raised them. Lola has no job & her husband left them for his new family (the nerve!).

So my mom, my auntie, and my other auntie decided to adopt them. It was so noble of my mom and my aunties to take care of these angels. Nakakaawa talaga sila. When they arrived here in our place, i can't help but feel thankful that my family is together even if its not perfect, and that i grew up surrounded by my needs and wants.. They only have one rubber shoes that does not fit them, and i think less than 3 clothes... So syempre we are excited to shop for dozens of clothes, shoes, toothbrush, toiletries, notebooks, medicines etcetera etcetera..

We all are joking nga na when they grew up we'll send their story to "Sana'y muling makapiling" or sa "Maalaala Mo Kaya" and present their very first and only bag from GMA Kapuso. haha..
Actually we all are worried if iiyak or magttantrums sila dahil magkakahiwa-hiwalay na silang magkakapatid. Kambal toko kasi yung tatlo. Well in this case triplet-toko! haha!

Meet Aljay everyone!
Aljay will be staying with us until he grew up! haha!
And we promise to give him the life that he des

1.) Aljen and Aljay doing the peace sign.

2.) Aljay doing the pacquiao thing.

3.) My sister and Aljay

4.) Glend (new nursing grad), Aljen and ALjay


desperate blogger said...

oh wow! very noble of you. my husband's side of the family has adopted kids too.

why would the triplets be separated? i thought your other aunts adopted them.. so i guess they'll be seeing a lot of each other too.

good luck!

kaakaams said...

god bless your family.. =) you guys are too kind..

shaula0pink said...

yes they'll be seeing each other.. maybe twice a month? I'm not sure how often.. my aunt lives in bulacan and my other aunt lives in danao, bohol.
Nobody could separate those 3 before.. so it'll be a big adjustment for them..


shaula0pink said...

Thanks kaakaams! :) God Bless to you too!

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

hi. just blog hopping. how noble of you guys to adopt those kids. hoping na maka-adjust sila nag magkahiwalay. mahirap din naman kasi for one family to adopt three kids kaagad.

wanna exchange links? linked you in my blog. thanks!

shaula0pink said...

mm.. yung one of the triplets nasa amin. then yung two nasa two titas ko. hehe.. haay.. ang hirap kasi 6 yrs. old na sya pero di pa nya alam ang left and right, ABC, colors, and numbers. kaya we're thinking na magstart muna sya sa nursery..

already linked u btw.

claire said...

you have a very supportive and caring family.. i know Aljay will enjoy every minute with your titas because they're so kind. :D

RickaVieves said...

nice to hear from you :-) u have nice family :-)

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