Thursday, 12 March 2009


For just a few days. My faith was tested.
My quiet time with the Lord is not as its usual.
I was like a kid na nagtatantrums.
Gusto ko lang naman ilabas.
Na para bang Lord gusto ko to eh, ni-lead mo ko dito tapos kukunin mo sakin?
Pero mali. maling mali.
Dapat si God. si God muna.

Right now, I guess the Lord is showing me different options.
Na medyo mag ingat ingat din ako at huwag masyadong mag paka Tan-ga.
He's saying to me that I should strengthen my faith.
I was about to be blinded.
In any way, he's not closing any doors about us.
I woke up realizing that I should be believing in my prayers.
It may not be answered right now, but someday it will be. Just believe.
This gave me hope.
And I know right there and there. I'm about to be back on my track.
Di ko man maintindihan.
I will continue to pray. pray and pray.
I should not stop.
God loves me soo much, more than I know.
He knows what works for us.
But I should also be helping myself.
I know right now, in his situation, he needs me to be strong.. I will be strong.
At the same time, not letting myself to be so into him.
I should be on guard.
I should not let the enemy play around with my thoughts.
Believe. Believe.
I am learning. and I am still a work in progress.

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