Sunday, 9 December 2007

Photo Addict

I'm a photo addict. Since I was in grade school, I'm fond of taking pictures already. Plus the fact that I'm part of the subject excites me more! hahaha!
So just want to share to you guys my "kabaliwan pics". Why kabaliwan? Coz ang over gutsy ko. haha! Yung mga tipong a normal person won't do in public coz nakakahiya.Pero once they saw the pic gusto nila sila din. haha! (sounds familiar?)

Taken: Dec. 7 '07
Where: @ Highway 54. In front of Megamall, along EDSA.

Imagine on my left side, there's a waiting area there. And people are all staring & laughing at us. Pero nice di ba? haha

Taken: MAY, During Election
Where: @ Mary Help of Christian Parish
Since it is our first time to vote, me and my friend punky should really document this kind of event in our life! So you see, all of the people that surrounds me are keeping an eye to my vote. You can feel the tension! hahaha!

Taken: March 07, During my Hunt for perfect Grad Dress
Where: @ the Dressing Room of Rustans - U - Glorietta 4.
Wala namang story behind this pic. Since it's inside the dressing room. haha! But I looove this pic!

Taken: March 25, This is during my Graduation Day!
Where: @ the St. Cecillia's Hall. St. Scho College
All of my batchmates are preparing already for the ceremony. And as for me? Well I went to the stage and did this! LOL! My cousins thought I was modeling in this pic (as if!)

Taken: April '07
Where: @ Puerto Galera
These are just some of my "creative shots" when we went there. haha! feeling talaga! We even asked for a couple of photographers to take a shot of us while we're on the top of the biggest rock there.

*well that's it for now.just check out my multiply account. hehe. night friends mmwwaah!

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